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20 October 2019

19 October 2019

18 October 2019

You hear people say 'everyone can loose weight, but few can do maintenance for a lifetime thereafter'

In weight loss mode, I loved seeing the weight go down daily, and if it didn't, I did a brainstorm session to find out why.

Now in a more relaxed maintenance mode, poor teaching resurface in my mind, like 'eat less, move more', together with the attitude of that useless carbs, or carb+fat are ok, as long as energy balance is kept in mind.

The reason for that this is so retarded, is that it is a perfect recipe for hunger. We end up with a chronic fight against hunger and fatigue. We get weak and break easily at the first hit of a trauma or other high stress situations. Hallo Failure + Don't Care Attitude + Need to eat freely to gain strength.

Right now I have had to refresh my mind about hunger, and yet again I've had to fight off the stupid idea about energy balance.

To reset, the first thing on my mind was to eat fat and proteins freely. Even at the slightest hint of hunger, I had several eggs swimming in lard and butter, plus meat patties and fructose free sausages.

After three days of this I got a very nice clean and strong feeling in my mind and body.

Next step is to reduce meals during a day. My target was set to two meals a day. At 6am I had 7 small eggs, 20oz meat, all with a liberal amount of lard and butter. Hunger didn't cross my mind until 6 hours later. Then I knew I need to do another big meal. Proudly got down 24oz meat and 6 eggs swimming in fat.

I had zero hunger for the rest of yesterday, and slept really good. At 18 hours fasted, I still have no hunger. It's working. Maybe I can easily do a 24 hour fast today. Feels like it right now.

Over time I may be able to reduce the meal size a bit, and judge by hunger. Reset in progress. Feeling fantastic again.

17 October 2019

My GF keep making her 'healthy cake'. Unlike me, she is content with one small piece together with her morning coffee, and leave the cake alone for the rest of the day.

Seeing cake every time I open the fridge has been challenging. Some days the temptation got me and the belly fat grew as a consequence.

What to do? Started to look for a box with a code lock, for her to keep the cake in. Code lock best, as I probably would find the key. This task brought a 'This is just too silly' sensation, and brought the power to resist.

Got three clean days behind me, and as a result I start to get that clean body feel again. Grains in general do me no favours at all. Especially in the wellbeing department.

I had difficulty resisting the yoghurt that's always in the fridge, but that has not been a problem for months since I build resistance against it. Now I feel the cake is no longer a problem either.

Keeping out grains, lactose and fructose is needed for a high level of wellbeing in the body I live in. This morning I feel clean, and it is a treasured feeling. Far greater than a moment of mouth pleasure has to offer.

10 October 2019

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