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12 December 2019

10 December 2019

Relaxed my Boric Acid experiment only after a few days. Dialed it down to a food additive only, and now get 5mg Boron per meat pattie. 10-15mg per day. Main reason for this is that I do not record weight or body measurements currently. Cannot get direct results recorded, so I'll save a higher intake experiment till when I'm on a daily weight-in routine again.

Last week I visited two groups of people I haven't seen in a couple of months. Remarkably, these two groups said the same. I look less 'starved' and more healthy.

I will carry on with a focus on micro nutrients, especially minerals. These sort of things will take time. Lots of trial and most likely errors ahead. Set it as a goal to come back here on Fatsecret with what I find doing these things.

Current main focus is Silicon or what is also called Organic Silica. This trial will take a good number of weeks.

26 November 2019

Boron study complete and a new self experiment is started.

Fascinating read. I find reason to believe low boron can bring up hunger beyond energy needs. This based on that boron help with holding on to the minerals we drink and eat. Lack of minerals can drive hunger.

An old study found borax/boric acid 'not well suited for food preservative' and I get the impression that the unsuited part is related to the appetite suppressing effect.

Boron seem to accelerate burning of fat and carbs. In history there seem to have been a period where taking 500mg boric acid a day was used for weight loss, but due to diarrhea complications the popularity died down pretty quick.

A paper from the World Health Organization found that no evidence of the lethal dose of 15000mg excist from toxicology reports from hospitals, so they basically conclude that it is not as toxic as previously thought. A Norwegian report said it was less toxic than table salt. Still, no need to overdo it.

For woman, 3mg elemental boron daily seem to have veryvgood effect, but for men 11.5mg seem to be needed.

As a first step, I'll try out with 270mg boric acid as a supplement, and will have to use some time to look for stomach upset complications. This provide 45mg boron, which is basically heaps and plenty. Will see if I tolerate it, and may very likely have to reduce this to half.

22 November 2019

Boron, what's that? Does it hold the key to healthy metabolism? Will a long life with low Boron intake bring us into metabolic trouble? I get the impression of that it can, and today I ordered Boron supplement pills and Boric Acid. Hope to find out what it can do over the next month.

Just now read this study that showed a significant weight reduction in mise by adding a tiny amount boron in form of boric acid to their drinking water.

This is the sort of stuff I have under the magnifying glass these days. Sleep got significantly improved by adding some calcium to my diet, and I've been wondering why. Magnesium supplementation did nothing good. Now it seems like Boron, Calcium and Magnesium do need to co-operate to bring great results. Maybe I had a bad Magnesium experience, because lack of boron and calcium in the body. After reading this mouse study about weight loss from taking a tiny amount of boric acid (contains 17% boron), it leads me to think that this may have something to do with my difficulty with getting rid of that last bit of fat on my tummy. Curious to what can happen by ensuring a reasonably supply of boron in my diet.

May add that Boron is a micro nutrient, and it is easy to take too much, and get in trouble that way too. Just 15 grams of Borax can bring fatal results in humans a study says. This is micro stuff, and I certainly plan to keep it under strict control. Like several other things, the poison/healing lay within the dose.

20 November 2019

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