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Am 69, 1/2 marathoner, walk runner, clean/sober in AA for 31 years..was a prescription junkie, also was anorexic. Weigh 113, am 5'7". Live in Florida. Completely vegan now after my mom who is 93 had angina back in 10/2010..we literally have saved her life with Bill Clinton's vegan diet.Bill's bypass was filling back up because he had not changed his diet. ..diet can be found in Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease which (who woulda thunk it??) also reverses food addiction. It's a high carb (good ones only), no meat, no oils diet. I have gotten several bulimic friends on it now too. Its great because it does not require restriction of food. the link to Dr. Esselstyn's home page is heartattackproof.com

My husband who is a PhD is on it now..he says the science is good...and he does not like "junk science"...buy the book and read it...look at all the websites that talk about Bill Clinton and this food plan..listen to Sanjay Gupta on CNN....you will be stunned..These Atkins diets are killing us and the animals. High protein diets keep you hungry, destroy your bones, kidneys and give you coronary artery disease. I would encourage anyone who has any part of an open mind to buy Dr. Esselstyn book..it will get you off BP meds, cure your diabetes, your heart disease and save the lives of your old family members who are dying from CAD. My mother would have died if I had not changed her diet. We can save our lives with this diet. I will not be a hostage any longer to agribuiness..corporate America and the American Medical industrial complex is killing us with these terrible cardiac procedures..and we are all gonna wind up on a cardiac cath table or have a bypass unless we change our diets...in in your hands..NEW picture is up there..PICTURE IS ME TAKEN ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO..NOT DOING BADLY FOR AN OLD WOMAN OF 69...I ATTRIBUTE IT ALL TO A VEGAN FAT FREE DIET AND TONS OF LONG DISTANCE WALKING.

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cals: 172kcal | fat: 8.58g | carbs: 11.82g | prot: 13.91g
Zucchini Fries
A low carb, healthier alternative to regular fries.
cals: 187kcal | fat: 1.36g | carbs: 38.75g | prot: 4.63g
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Roasted potatoes coated with a delicious Dijon sauce.
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Is obesity and what looks like food addiction a disease?
Based on my 32 years in AA..I believe it's a syndrome that is along a spectrum.
Many people become addicted/obsessed with food as children, overeating becomes a way of life, a comfort, a refuge. I know many object to the term disease because it seems like a willful choice...and certainly in the beginning that may be..but it certainly engages a disease process with the body at some point..COPD, lung cancer, appalling obesity that creates a freakish appearance.

Whatever we call it, treatment is critical because once the disease process ensues in the body, the sufferer is doomed. We say in AA,jail, institutions and death are the 3 ends for the addicted person...with terrible misery and cost for the sufferer, his family and society.

See it daily in the rooms of AA, OA, etc.
posted 20 Jul 2016, 09:55
Is obesity and what looks like food addiction a disease?
I believe there are genetic tendencies toward various ailments which are either mitigated or exacerbated by environment,family cultural practices around food, etc.

I was married to a fool who could eat two cookies a day and make bag last all month. My reaction to cookies was either eat them all in one night or throw them down the garbage disposal.

He was a normal eater. Seriously mixed marriage that did not last obviously.
I was a vegan too..he was a serious meat eater. We were just loaded with irreconcilable differences.
posted 18 Jul 2016, 05:04
Is obesity and what looks like food addiction a disease?
posted 18 Jul 2016, 04:55
Is Obesity a Disease? NPR
So you guys sound like my kind of thinkers. Intelligent debate.

posted 18 Jul 2016, 04:52
Looking for Buddy
Walk an hour every day. Work out 3 times a week with weights.do core training.
Stay under 1200 calories a day..I eat no fat, am high carb, vegan. Am thin and fit.avoid fad diets...over the long run, they fail. Check out Dr John McDougall and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on You Tube. I have been fat free vegan 6 years. Easy, simple and very satisfying.
posted 15 Jul 2016, 21:04
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