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plateau on Induction and I am doing Insanity
If you are doing Insanity, you aren't eating enough.
You should be eating a lot more than 1500 if you are doing that kind of exercise.

Calories in/ calories out is completely flawed as applied to low carb. You are more likely to stall if your calories are too low.
posted 25 Aug 2010, 22:51
Alcohol + Me = Fun?
Just 1 drink I'd suggest hard alcohol mixed with diet coke.
(Rum & diet/Vodka & diet)

Wine is bad, because you do have the carbs in the wine, plus the fact that your body will concentrate on alcohol.

Good luck.
posted 25 Aug 2010, 22:48
Confused, low calorie, low carb??
EITHER do low-carb OR low fat.
Don't try to mix them. (You can do low-fat and get rid of simple sugars and still not be on low-carb)

Different diets work for people.

Take a look at this presentation. It might help you determine the direction that you want to go.

Other factors that you need to take into account when making the decision are blood-sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and other health issues. Low carb is more likely to raise your HDL, but you will get similar results on LDL between the two diet types.
If you have blood-sugar problems (pre-diabetes) you will want to go low-carb.
posted 25 Aug 2010, 22:42
Poblano Peppers
1 ounce of Poblano (raw) is about.71 carb per fatsecret.
That should be fine in a limited amount. You will want to watch your portion size. The general rule (per the Atkins dietician), if a serving has less than 3 NET carbs, it is OK.
Peppers also stimulate the metabolism I've heard, so a good choice.
posted 25 Aug 2010, 22:36
Per Colette, the Atkins dietitian, for most people if you are below 40-50 NET carbs, you ARE in Ketosis.

There is no longer focus on the strips because for a large portion of the population they aren't accurate. For instance, I drink up to 20 glasses of water a day. They don't work for me as a result.

If you are eating at the correct level you can trust that you are in Ketosis.

posted 10 Aug 2010, 08:44
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