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08 January 2008

Well, today is official Jenny Craig weigh-in day. I've not set foot in that office for 3 weeks. I'm nervous. I think my weight today is 193 point something. We'll see if a "last chance workout" can push the envelope. I'm nervous today as well...lot's going on in New Hampshire and I'm getting depressed that Obama seems to be exceeding Clinton in the early caucuses. An informal victory for him, but still driving momentum into his campaign. I believe Hillary is such a strong and gifted person, it disappoints me that people feel so much hope from Obama. He is a brilliant, visionary type of guy...but right now we need someone who can step in immediately and hit the ground running. I'm so concerned about the state of our politics in this country, and globally. It keeps me up at night thinking of what kind of world my son is inheriting...and how proud I used to be to call myself American. Now, when I travel, I can honestly say I feel some shame. If Huckabee wins I will have to move to Spain, I'm afraid. I guess I liked Obama a lot more before he started shamelessly exploiting his convenient friendship with Oprah to sway uninvolved and lazy voters who would prefer to allow a celebrity entertainer tell them what to do. How did we get to this place? I'm depressed about it. Probably why I've been spooning cake into my mouth all morning.

The good news is that I got some new furniture delivered today and I love it. I guess that is something to be positive about. Hope everyone else is doing brilliantly, and losing a mint. In fat, I mean.

I'll check in after the weigh in.


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08 January 2008

Weigh-in: 192.6 lb lost so far: 57.4 lb still to go: 37.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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03 January 2008

Restarting this diet is like falling off a 100 foot tall bicycle and getting back on. I'm dying here, people. I officially started again yesterday but it is for naught as I picked and poked at all sorts of stuff I'm not supposed to eat. Starting with several (albeit tiny) cookies. I also snacked on leftover ham, greenbean casserole, and had a small slice of pie with dinner. I think we can safely conclude that yesterday was a miserable failure getting started back. Today so far I've done better. Been writing and refining the list of New Year's Resolutions so hopefully this will help keep me on track a bit. Because many of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me now I think I've taken a little holiday from fat "stressing" but this is no time to get sloppy! I'm going to try to use my Birthday as a goal. It is January 31st and I hope to be down to the 180's by then. I think that's do-able and it feels like a victory of the spirit as I move down the series of tens...

I had a wonderful holiday and it was great to enjoy good food, but part of me feels like now (going through detox again) is so hard that it might not have been worth it. Nonesense! Life is short. Hope everyone had a good holiday and isn't going through withdrawals as bad as me :)

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01 January 2008

I'm baaaaccccckkk! Got through the holidays with a surprising pound down. I haven't eaten Jenny Craig for two weeks because I couldn't take food with me this time on our travel. So, I ate whatever (including some great mexican food) but tried to make sure I didn't go completely hogwild. Oh, and got the stomach flu and managed to go down 7 lbs in 3 days but then gained most of it back in good holiday cheer. was my last day languishing under the "holiday umbrella" so tomorrow I'm sure my body will put up a fuss as I start rigid Jenny Craig again for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe I'll have a big week? Anwyay, Happy Holidays everyone -- hope you've all been well and done well against whatever your goals may be. Among several New Year's Intentions is completion of my goal! It feels great to be more than halfway there.

Weigh-in: 194.4 lb lost so far: 55.6 lb still to go: 39.4 lb Diet followed poorly
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25 December 2007

Weigh-in: 195.0 lb lost so far: 55.0 lb still to go: 40.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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