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05 September 2017

Weigh-in: 123.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 13.0 lb Diet followed N/A

05 September 2017

Weigh-in: 123.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 13.0 lb Diet followed N/A

30 April 2010

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20 April 2010

I have lots of good news. One is that our house was on the list of must-sees on the garden tour this past Saturday. The turn out was fantastic and not only did we finish all the honey-do lists in time, but it turned out fabulous! We were also fortunate to meet the original owners of our house and their extended family that trickled in during the day. They fell in love with all the work that we did over the years to add onto this place and that made us really happy, considering that they were once pillars if this community before they moved away. It was nice that we did them proud! We also sold alot of trees and perennials from the nursery!

Since I worked my fingers to the bones, sticking to the diet wasn't The least bit hard! I got the most incredible workouts and frankly I'm still SORE!! So as of this moment I have buns of steel!! Lol

and the last bit if good news is that we have a new family member!! He's a 1 yr old German Sheppard, named Sam (he already has a growing list of nicknames! Sammy, Samuel Jackson, Sampson, Sambo, and my 2yr old baby calls him SHAM...which will probably ring true one day!! Lol) SOONER OR LATER!!

I was MIA but now that the tour is over and the work lists are completed...I'LL BE BAAAACK!!! spoken just like our Cali Governor!!

Miss y'all!!!
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05 April 2010

HI EVERYONE!! I hope your Easter was superb!!! Mine was blessed with the grace of God, friends and family and tons of great home cooking!!

I am almost ready for all the projects to come to a close, so that means you will see me around here again!! It's been one heck of a few weeks around my house but the carpentry dust is about to settle!

ALL THINGS diet are pretty stable, i've stayed vegan since breaking the fast and I'm going to stay that way. The only problem I'm having now is that the food I go to for a quick snack usually contains sugar!! mostly It's a healthy kind of sugar like that from a piece of friut, BUT peanut butter and granola are creeping into my diet more than it should and that's where I need to start monitoring the sugar!! It's always something huh!!?? Lol it's cuz I'm BAD ANDEE!!

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