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Very fitness focused, clean eating - former crossfitter but now have turned solely to figure competitions (girlish form of bodybuilding). I have tried many different ways of eating from Paleozone to low carb to now just really what I would call a modified "clean eating". I monitor my carb type and vary things based on the competitions that I have coming up. Workouts are about 5-6x/week and consist of cardio and weights. My goal is to come in lean, very lean, but have muscle mass without striations.

I love what I do and find the idea of morphing your body into whatever you'd like it to look like a challenge and amazing! I've been doing these figure shows for about 4 years now and just turned professional last year in July 2012. I'm a personal trainer by trade and now I'm trying to just find a balance!'

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What does everyone think of this?
Agree with KeithD - I do the mix of egg whites and egg. It's only bad if you eat them too often, for bodybuilders or if you are using eggs to take in protein, add the egg whites to the whole eggs on the menu for an added protein without the fat
posted 07 Jul 2010, 15:19
Protein too high?
Rule for muscle gain to lose bodyfat: 1-1.5g per lb of body weight. I am trying to keep my muscle on while losing fat, so I keep my closer to the 1.5gx(~170g) for me. It does get pretty hard to process for most people at that point, so if you do this drink a lot of water and watch the calories. It's very easy to get up over your alloted calories taking in 1.5g/lb of bw.
posted 07 Jul 2010, 00:52
low-cal bread?
Hey guys - new to this thing, but one thing I didn't see mentioned was nutritional content. It's not really about the amount of "calories" it's about what is in that bread. Not all "whole wheat" bread is considered equal. Take a look at the ingredients list, pick a bread that has a modest amount of protein and fiber to fill you, but does not contain high-fructose corn syrup. Complex carbs your body uses to repair, but simple carbs just quickly turn to fat. =)
posted 07 Jul 2010, 00:45
Shake for dinner vs. lunch?
I will make this breif since the system refreshed and deleted my post...ugh.

Here's my two since on the subject. Background: figure athlete (currently in competition season), long time crossfitter and follow paleozone diet.

I agree with bash73 about the fact that you should not have the processed foods, especially going paleo. However, there are some times when I need to take a quick protein shake to supplement the traditional "real food" route. I say "supplement" on purpose. I feel that a protein shake or bar should never be used to replace food. It is just an easy route to get an amount of protein, or for someone that is trying to avoid the binge "snacking" that often accompanies the hungry athlete who is on the run.

For me protein bars are pretty much a no go because it doesn't fill me and I have not been able to find one that fits into my nutritional needs. However, for those of you that have to go this route a rule of thumb that I use is to make sure the protein is at least 1 or 2 grams more than the carbs. Therefore, I don't look so much at the calorie content it's the protein/carb ratio. Fats are not the enemy - it's the fact that carbs (while we should limit these at all costs going paleo) turn into fat if not used...carbs cannot repair muscles like protein can. The nutritional density of a carb is no where near what protein is. Not to mention protein and carbs containing a lot of fiber keep you full for longer (for those of you that just have to use it as a meal replacement).

The long and the short of it: Go for protein shakes that are at least 18g protein per serving, protein bars that have a carb/protein ratio that is at least 1-2g more than the carbs.

If you are using this as a meal replacement, skip the slimfast and other brands out there and go for a homemade or magic bullet shake with protein powder, almond milk (to make it creamier) and a high fiber nutrient dense fruit. Add flaxseed for add'l benefits.

Hope this helps!
posted 05 Jul 2010, 21:08
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