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i'm back!
Hi iaborn67! I'm on Atkins as well and I found that if I prep on the weekend then I can visit the fridge all I want & still stay on

As for stocking the cupboard... there's nothing in the cupboard that I eat other than herbs & spices. The rest of it is for the kids.

I know how hard prepping can be on the weekends. I have 2 kids and the weekends are the only time I have to do running around.

I do my groceries EARLY Sunday morning. My staples are 2 dozen eggs (I'm not the only one who eats, a roast (or 2, I get them at 1/2 off 'cuz I go so early), a bag of chicken breasts, shredded cheddar, sliced mushrooms & a box of mixed greens (for grab & go salads). I find that paying the extra amount for the pre-slice & shredding a small price to pay for the convenience.

Another thing I found helpful was pre-planning my meals before I go grocery shopping. The recipe section of this site is extremely helpful, there are scads of recipes for the Induction phase of Atkins. I really like the breakfast muffins (but use ground pork rather than sausage if you don't like REALLY salty food).

Good luck!
posted 30 Mar 2009, 21:38
eating too little?
I just read the article posted by DReno and I have some serious questions regarding the validity of the the article.

1. Just what are Jeff Novacks (the author of the article) credentials? They are never mentioned.
2. An extreme low-calorie diet will not put your body in starvation mode.
3. "Starvation mode" is a phrase which describes the process in which your body stores the food eaten as fat when you go for long periods with out eating. "Long periods" can mean that you eat 1 maybe 2 meals per day or fewer.

This is not "my opinion" but fact. When I'm stressed I can't eat anything without feeling nauseous, so... I end up eating at the most once a day. When this happens I ALWAYS gain weight. This was verified a few weeks ago.

Five weeks ago I started Atkins and lost 7lbs the first week. On the second week I got a notice from the landlord saying that we had to pack up our apartments 'cuz they were spraying for bugs, this was Saturday night. I had to pack & clean my apartment in less than 2 days with a four yr.old. I ate 3 cheesestrings each day and did not sleep. On my weigh in day (Monday) I found I had gained back 4lbs. The days prior to the notice I had tracked my intake religiously.

The first time I noticed a correlation between my food intake and weight gain/loss was in 2002. I was living with a man who insisted on feeding me all the time and in 2 months, without trying, I lost 40lbs. The moment I stoppped eating regularly is when I gained it all back.

To Thqueenbe - to burn off one pound of fat you need to expend 3,500 calories (500/day). If you are not exercising you can safely cut back 500 calories/day. If you are exercising, then you need to watch how much you cut back. has a tool that can calculate how many calories you need to eat depending on your activity level. Very useful!

Just remember to keep eating!

Good luck to you! Smile
posted 30 Mar 2009, 21:19
Word Association
posted 30 Mar 2009, 20:30
Print a Diary Page
I just copy & paste to a Word Document. When I print I change the print preferences to colour to draft (then it prints in black). Other than that the only thing I can think of is for your nutritionist to join FS & get on your buddy list.
posted 16 Mar 2009, 21:00
Could fasting or skipping meals help me lose weight?
Here's really something REALLY terrifying. If you think skipping meals and eating a ridiculously tiny amount of calories are good for anyone... take a look at my starting weight. No I'm not proud of it. No I'm not BSing about it. And finally... no I'm not fooling myself about how my weight got so high.

I was/am a meal skipper. While I was growing up I was constantly accused of sneaking food (even beaten for it) and that was apparently why I was gaining weight. I was 13 and had an undiagnosed underactive thyroid gland (really... normal if your in your 40's not normal when your hitting puberty). I don't have the typical love/hate relationship with food. I HATE EATING! I hate having food around me. I hate that I have to eat. I hate eating alone. I hate people seeing me eat. I hate the fact that people think all I do is eat. It's so bad that I have NEVER carried snacks for my children.

It's SO easy not eat. It really is. Up until the last year or two I could go without for two days before I HAD to eat something. And no it wasn't always healthy but I never stuffed myself stupid.

Then about 6/7 years ago I was living with this eastern european man and his life & his friends lives (also eastern european) seemed to revolve around food. Friends would come over & food would come out. If he felt I hadn't eaten enough he would urge more 0n me, even if I was full. We regularly go through TWO pounds of real butter every week! I was eating all day every day and guess what? I lost 40lbs in two months. I wasn't even dieting. My doctor calls it grazing and she recommends it. I've been trying to recapture that way of eating ever since.

But being a single mom with 2 kids it's much harder to do. When I was with him, we shared the meal prep and he would always offer me food and I was happy.

Whatever you do... do not... I repeat... do not skip meals. If you want to be 300lbs go ahead and skip otherwise eat your meals. If it's hard to eat first thing in the morning, it is for me, then grab a hard boiled egg, or a banana and then eat something later. I have no time in the morning for breakfast & being lactose intolerant a glass of milk or bowl of cereal is out of the question. I just grab a quick bite in the morning on my way out the door. It used to be a piece of fruit but now I'm on Atkins. I grab a hardboiled egg or a piece of cheese or a cheese string. And then I have breakfast about 9/9:30.

Good luck! Smile
posted 03 Mar 2009, 22:39
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