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I have learnt quite a lot about losing weight during various cycles of getting fat and then getting thin again. Each time I do it slightly differently, probably so it doesn't feel as much like groundhog day!

In general my methods involve food-swapping and sensible eating with GI and metabolic considerations alongside an 'a bit of exercise will be a great benefit' attitude.

I'm not in favour of punishing regimes, that may be suitable for mini duration diets with urgent goals such as weddings or holidays.. but those of us on a longer journey need to accept that it will take quite a long time to get there and we may as well make ourselves comfortable and learn to enjoy it!

Oh yes - and of course you should know that my biggest challenge tends to be staying at a good weight.. I can lose weight, I can gain weight.. both of those things I do very well... in fact I only ever seem to do one or the other.

I started this time (on 1st April 2016) from the highest weight I've ever been at 260lb (or 18st 8lb) and I wanted to reach 11st by my 45th birthday (06/05/2017) - I'm happy to be able to update my profile with the shocking news that I actually did manage it!

My next objective is to continue on and so to reach 140lb at some point - but I'm not at all concerned about when this has to happen by. I may like to be 140lb by 06/05/2018, but even if I'm still bouncing about at 154lb that would be a huge achievement too. We shall see in good time..

I wish everyone great outcomes.

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Looking for someone with similar statistics :)
Hi Lily, you are already at perhaps the very lowest reasonable weight for your height, and the weights you are aiming to get to are therefore not very healthy at all.
I really think you should focus on why you aren't yet happy with your physical shape and if there is a mild interest in 'better tone' or 'targeted exercise' then that's really up to you to support your ambitions with effective diet and exercise (to maintain weight whilst reshaping/re-toning etc - though why you need to worry about shape and tone I'm not entirely sure) - but if there is a frantic urgency about your wishes for change/loss then really you should be trying to question your influences - it is difficult to see why you can't just be happy as you are clearly already perfectly healthy. Good luck.
posted 22 Apr 2017, 08:07
Over complicating things but I can't rest till I know......
No - it most definitely doesn't mean that you've got half the calories - what a ridiculous idea (but its ok, ridiculous ideas are the root of all genius - so keep being ridiculous - just that this time NO not even slightly correct)

You surely know that different food types have different calorie content - and you surely know that water has one of the lowest calorie contents (apart from celery - more about that later- ok, I lied, no more about that, not from me anyway)

Ok now you surely also know that broth isn't only water (if it were, you'd have lost none of the calories and none of the nutrition by draining it) - the broth will also have fat content, flavour, and some (perhaps) nutritional content (this is NOT a nutrition/decomposition debate - please?) - so the 'broth' half of the can isn't going to be none of the calories/content but it definitely isn't going to be half the calories/content - in short, you can have no possible idea what effect your splitting will achieve unless you took the can to the lab and combusted the part you want (or the part you don't want would be wiser LOL)

But we don't need to get that technical surely, eat whatever part you want to and call it whatever calories you want to - the proof of the soup will be whether it helps you to lose weight or gain weight in total balance with everything else you're doing.

---- Edit Line / Extra Extra Smile ----
On the positive, what you would be doing is rebalancing such things as the protein/fibre to calories ratio as it is unlikely that whichever calories are in the broth were containing protein or fibre. So you could probably argue that it is a healthy action to drain off some of the soup except of course, if you take it too far you've not really got soup and you've got canned meat/veg in gravy.
posted 20 Apr 2017, 02:27
Sugars (Good or Bad)
I don't think it really matters what optimum eating is, because people on diets are rarely capable of going from whatever they've been used to doing straight into optimum eating.. and don't need to do it for sensible weight loss goals. Those trying to do that magic from terrible to perfect transition are really just employing their self-sabotage brain-cells, and those encouraging people to become immediately perfect are so far from wherever their journey began that they've forgotten that you get to perfection in stages. if ever.

Yes, sugar is bad for us in general, and keeping it in the foods you eat will certainly make some aspects of dieting harder, because they can be easy foods to eat too much of, and even a little can trigger an urge to eat if not more of the same, then at least more of something.. but complete avoidance isn't necessary if you're not an obsessive, if you're able to include some and still hit other dietary aims then do that if you want to. Eat whatever you want to, but if you happen to want to eat super healthy foods and find yourself happy doing so then yes, dieting goals will be reached quicker. If you make yourself miserable though? game over.
posted 12 Feb 2017, 12:47
Weigh in
Yes it does sound as if SOME of that weight gain was a number of other causes - but lets all be a bit honest here... SOME of that weight gain was gummi bears, hagen daas, and egg rolls.

seriously it doesn't really matter what the scales say - you went off plan, it was worth it for some reason or other - you now need to get back ON the plan and next time you come off plan TRY and make it one item and not three, or at least three tiny portions which add up to one treat?

Then you still won't need to care about the scales because you'll have every proper reason to know that you're going to get to the healthy you because you're going the healthy way! Good luck with that.

but hey, if you do find a magic potion that lets you eat gummi bears and hagen daas and NOT expect to put on weight (I don't care about the egg rolls) then please let me know where to get the potion.
posted 09 Feb 2017, 15:44
Summer goal
I think you ought to be more afraid of not knowing than of finding out.
posted 09 Feb 2017, 15:37
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