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19 September 2021

Resetting again.

Gov webpage, to recalculate, what I need to do based on current weight, activity. etc.

1. Figure out how to reset FS to daily 1400 kcal to display the right macros.

2. Do not feel defeated by successful journals. As I online shopped to distract myself. I'm still adding the bigger sizes in the cart in case I fail again w\the thought that it's easier to have clothes taken in.

3. Do not get sidetracked by food.

4. Focus on the commitment phase.

5. Journal everything I eat. I want to secretly eat.

6. Take pics ingredients, relearn to eyeball correct portions.

7. Get out from this rut before fall is here and all I want to do is eat & hibernate.

8. Stop procrastinating. Don't feed the child.

When I only eat veggies & healthy proteins, there a void gnawing in my gut.
Still able to manage habits. I'm told the urges will never go away. I believe it. I believe it can be changed.. I worked so hard to make a clean break that I will never fall off that wagon.

Now if I can only apply the same principle to food. But, it's not like I can just not eat ever again.

A real story, a funny story, not so funny haha. A doctor says to a friend of mine, when talking about healthy eating. Doc says to friend, if it taste good spit it out. It just goes to show how distorted our way of thinking is when it's applied to food. This is coming from a doctor.

16 September 2021

15 September 2021

15 September 2021

15 September 2021

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