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Losing weight brought my type II diabetes under control without medication
I got up to 220 and I am 5 ft 5 inches and I started in January this year and have lost about 50 + pounds and my blood surgar is under 100 every momrning without any medication and my last HA1C was 5.8 ...
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started by oxdrover, a month ago.   
Diabetes and daily sugar intake
I was just diagnosed last month with diabetes and have a question. I read that one should keep your daily sugar grams below 25. Does that include all foods (fresh vegetables and fresh fruits) that have ...
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started by beachlady.   
In less than 6 months I brought my A1C from 11.3 to 5.1 Interested ask me how.:d
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started by ourcupoftea.   
What You Need to Know about Willpower: The Psychological Science of Self-Control Click the blue title, or copy-and-paste this URL into your browser address line: ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips
Thinking about exercise "at my age" and "for the shape I'm in" ... It's one thing to be young(er)(ish!) and relatively healthy but overweight and/or "out of shape." ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
Chemicals, Carbs, Appetite, and Obesity
Chemicals, Carbs, Appetite, and Obesity Gliadorphin (aka gluteomorphins) an opiod peptide! and ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
Intermittent Fasting -- How It Works
Dr. Jason Fung - "Therapeutic Fasting - Solving the Two-Compartment Problem" To view the video, click the blue title, above, or cut-and-paste this link into your browser's address bar: h ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
FatSecret How-To
This is an answer for Shane 52, who asked how to edit her profile, and anyone else who has questions about that sort of thing. I had to switch from my phone app to on my computer browser ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, and All Those Diseases We Fear Most! Wanna know how to collapse your heart disease risk? Ok then. AND Want to Fix your heart disease? Okay then - here you go! Click the ...
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started by Miraculum.   
Has Anyone in this group with Type 2 Diabetes been prescribed Glipizide and they gained weight on it? I am just being curious because I have the reviews on it and side effects and the main purpose of ...
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started by Life is not a guarantee, a year ago.   
Why and How LCHF/Keto Works (or Fails) for T2 Diabetics and the Obese
9 Proven Ways to Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight (Click the title to learn more about these weight-control agents in the body.) The hormones insulin, leptin, ghrelin, cortisol, estrogen, n ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
Is Ketosis Dangerous? (More Info!)
Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work? "Recent research suggests low carb diets could improve the lives of people suffering from obesity and diabetes." (Click the title, above, to launch ...
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started by Miraculum, a year ago.   
In search of,.....
I am looking to connect with other life long Type 1 diabetics, preferably insulin pump users. Any of you out there? Thanks.
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started by adoptspring.   
Just joined this Diabetes group
I am a T2 diabetic, have been on insulin for 10+ years when I was taken off Metformin because it gave me chronic diarrhea, I put up with it for several years but could not tolerate the constant bathroom ...
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started by BlueFront, 2 years ago.   
Lowering my insulin dose
Hi, I just joined this diabetic group but have been logging on Fat Secret for several months. I have lost 20+ pounds in that time by cutting back on calories and carbs but not using any specific diet. ...
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started by BlueFront, 2 years ago.   

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