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Posted: 31 Jan 2017, 11:59
So I was under the impression that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Simply put, if you consume 1300-1500 calories a day it shouldn't matter if you ate dinner at 5pm or 8pm. Now, I recently read a report that not just caloric intake but time of ingestion plays a large role in dieting. Something to do with metabolism I presume and sleeping on a full stomach. I guess in theory it does make sense, but now here's the dilemma.
Like many of us in this group, we are pretty busy people. We try to balance life, work, exercise, and a steady diet all simultaneously. I don't leave the office until 6-6:30pm every day. And only after work is when I can go to the gym and exercise. So, if I get let's say a hour workout, then I don't get home and eat dinner until 8pm (if not later). So if this is true that time of eating has a huge impact on dieting, what is better...skipping the workout but eating at a more reasonable hour (e.g. 6-6:30pm), or getting that workout in but then eating at a relatively late hour? Is the late eating habits essentially destroying or negating the after the office workouts?

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Posted: 21 Aug 2017, 15:10
Half a year late, but I usually wake up at 6 am and do 30 minutes of strength building exercise and take a shower before work. Then I bring work out clothes to work with me and try to do some light/moderate exercise during my lunch break, between 30/40 minutes, since I get an hour lunch. Then afterwards, I sorta birdbath myself as clean as possible in the bathroom sink, reapply my deodorant and spray a couple spritzes of perfume/body spray. Thankfully, I am not a heavy sweater.

I don't leave the office until 7 pm and don't get home until approximately 7:45, but I immediately go on an hour walk, then eat something light for dinner around 9. And I do mean light. A piece of salmon and no sides. Or a small sandwich made at home. Or some yogurt, granola and fruit. That kind of thing. Usually around 300 calories.

During the weekends, it of course adjusts a little, since I have more time, so usually skip one snack (I allow myself 2 a day during the week) and I eat a larger dinner than usual an hour or 2 before my walk at 7:30.

Most of my calorie intake is for breakfast and lunch. Each between 300-500 calories. Then I have my snacks in between, about 100-300 calories. Overall, I try not to go over 1,500 calories for the whole day, so I have to pretty much schedule out what I am to eat beforehand so I can count them. I usually figure it during the weekend when I am free.

It's a matter of metabolizing. The larger meals earlier in the day will metabolize faster, because throughout the day you're more active. A heavy meal for dinner won't metabolize as well, unless you work out after, and I honestly don't know how well.

Since this has been so long, have you worked anything out?

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