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The underlying premise of this group is to learn more about your body with emphasis upon understanding the physiological mechanisms involved.

The science being adopted at the beginning is based upon research conducted by Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD who wrote the book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease and by Jeff S. Volek,PhD and
Stephen D. Phinney, PhD and MD who have spent a great deal of their lives attempting to implement ketogenic diets for the military olympians, and others. They too have published worthwhile books.

There is a great deal of research misinformation due to a lack of understanding
of the biochemical nature of ketogenic diets
and the experiments that scientists have run which provide the guidance foundation on diets.
In order to understand the origin of the previous statement, I encourage people to read
Good CAlories, Bad CAlories by Gary Taubes.

Consequently, members of this group are encouraged to question all statements and where ever possible look for quantitative support. An example of this approach can be found in "Lectures on Gastrointestinal Physiology and the Hormonal Regulation of Energy Metabolism.

Do not be put off by my encouraging a "scientific" understanding (which by the way is to question everything. Nothing is sacred. There is NO truth). I am merely attempting to steer people to avoid making wild claims for or against anything and instead look for explanations that seem to hold up in a variety of circumstances.

I look forward to people enjoying their interaction here. I hope to contribute in a month or so when my workload is reduced.

William H. Burling

This group does not live as if there is truth.
every health rule can be challenged here (in a manner that is respectful).


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