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Posted: 20 Nov 2019, 15:53

I had already given up was preparing for my death. I paid off all my debts. Said goodbye to family and friends. I told doctors I could not live like this anymore made out a living will with DNR. Then I watched the movie the magic pill forced everyone else to watch it also. Started looking for everything I could find on keto.

I am 63 I have been on keto since the begging of June my weight is 257 I started at 272 I have been as high as 330 in years past haven't been below 200 lbs since I was 10 years old. I am tired of fighting the doctors I had type 2 diabetes over 35 years now. I was on 21 insulin shots a week plus oral meds.

I use a biPap it's on 21 over 17 it used to be 30 over 25 they told me the next step was a tracheotomy to keep me breathing. I also take meds for hypothyroidism. I suffered Candida 10 years nothing worked it always came back. Before I figured it out without a doctors help I laid in my recliner dead drunk from the brewing of alcohol in my gut which kept my sugars running between 400 and 600+. I missed out on the last 5 years of my husbands life he passed 6/29/14. I am sick of it all.

Today my sugar is 78 what a miracle I haven’t had to use my bedside potty for a month now. I haven’t used my walker for 6 weeks I am not taking any insulin anymore if keto didn’t work for me I was dead this was not life I was preparing for my own death. I just spent 3 years on a 600 cal a day diet did not loose one oz.

My endocrinologist and my M.D. said to raise it to 1000 cal. I gained back up to 285 in the first week. I have gained 13 lbs, but lost 9 inches I couldn't even walk was atrophying. I have started walking around Walmart pushing a cart my daughters think the weight gain is because I am changing muscle for fat. Both of them are loosing on keto and I now have some of my life back and that’s more important to me.

I am trying hard and I have my daughter doing it with me. I feel like I am returning from the grave. I even had family members drive 1000s of miles to see me for the last time from Florida to Missouri. I am 63 and the youngest of 6 when my sugar went down to 78 I had to call and tell my 80-year-old sister all about it

I walked around Walmart pushing a cart until about 6 weeks ago I couldn't make it from my bed to the potty without help. I have a nurse that comes in 4 hours/7days a week to help me a bath, cook, do laundry, and such.

I joined silver sneakers a few weeks ago I go to the YMCA once a week and swim laps now. It's pulling the stored up glycogen out of my muscles.

My A1C of 11.3 was down to 7.8 thanks to keto that was 8/9/18. Today my A1C is 5.1

11/1/18 to 1/1/19 the insurance company removed all my doctors and my medicine. So I spent 3 weeks on a fire ant pile. The first time they did this to me was 6/29/14 just after my husband died. This was the second time of going through withdraws gold turkey. You know the old saying first-time shame on you second time shame on me. I WONT live through this terror again. My doctor told me 1/7/19 it would take another 5 weeks for my system to get over it.

My weight is down to 255 my first goal is 250 I have no idea of how many more months that will take Oh my A1C is back up to 6.1 stress I guess.

I let my endocrinologist tell me that sugar free jello and diet soda were alright what a mistake by 2/1/19 my A1C was up to 8.3 how depressing just what I needed more Stress.

4/18/19 I am now standing still again at 233 don't know how many months or years it will take to move forward again or if I ever will. The last time I was in the 230s was in 1987 and 230s are better than the 330s. My A1C of 6.1 is better than 11.3 and sugar readings between 60 and 110 are better than 400 to 600+

6/9/19 Now they say I have colon cancer I guess all my effort a year of work was just all a waste.

11/4/19 Update I spent the month of June having 3 surgeries 1. to remove a kidney stone 1&1/2 inch, 2. remove a kidney stone 1-inch painful suffering.

6/29/19 colon cancer have already lost half my colon plus a 2 lb Tumor. the aftermath worst pain I had ever live through I wished I had died I prayed for God to take me.
11/4/19 Update I spent the month of June having 3 surgeries 1. to remove a kidney stone 1&1/2 inch, 2. remove a kidney stone 1-inch painful suffering.

8/21/19 first chemo 9/4/19 second chemo 9/18/19 third chemo 10/2/19 fourth chemo

10/4/19 finally got to see Dr. Garner A doctor that uses keto for healing and doesn't fight me over every turn. He puts me on Carnivore.

10/13 - 16/19 Spent in the hospital with pneumonia, kidney infection, sepsis, and C.Diff That's it NO more chemo this is not medicine this is murder.

11/5/19 I see Dr. Garner again the second time Very Happy

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Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 04:44
I hope you're still here. May God Bless you. I wish you peace.

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