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Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 03:05
23 February 2018
Started diet December 02,2017 at 278#. I need to lose 150# to get to 125#. I did not do very well in December.
Did better in January on 1500 calories per day. Decided to set goal for 125# loss instead of 150#. I will settle on weighing 150#.
January 16, down to 267#, then no more loss for more than 2 weeks. Was discouraged. Then started paying better attention to food again. Today, 263.6.
I have eliminated bread, pasta, rice, grits and white potatoes from my food plan. They are too high in the glycemic index. I am a diabetic.
I am limiting meats. I didn't lose when I ate pork. I am not eating deli meats. I am eating more fish, skinless chiicken breasts and added eggs.
I love salads. The dressings are high calorie counts. They make it hard to stay on my calorie allotment. I eat very large salads and I want all of the salad covered in dressing. May have to rethink salads.
Overall, average amounts about 1# per week. That is alarming, it will take me 3 years to lose the weight.
I will try to keep high fiber, omega 3 foods and eliminate high fat, high carbs and too many omega 6 foods in my food plan.
Riced cauliflower helps me get the volume I want without too many carbs.
Nighttime has been tough for me. I don't sleep well and all I want to is eat.
I have been watching "My 600 # Life". That could be me if I don't control my eating. I noticed the sucessful folks quit making excuses and stick with the diet.
I don't want surgery. You still have to diet before and after surgery to be sucessful. All surgery does is limit the amount you can eat at one time. Eating too many calories can make you stop losing weight and gain.
If it is meant to be , it is up to me. It doesn't matter what happened in my childhood. That is in the past and I can't change it. The people involved are responisible their acts, not me. This is not my guilt to bear.
I am going to try to improve my eating plan and lose this weight. I have dieted most of my life and failed many times.
I have a lot of medical problems. I am afraid it is too late to change or fix the issues. I am nearing age 70.
I dislike exercise. I need to walk, but my knees to be replaced.
I will appreciate help to stay on the road to success.
This is a long post. Thanks for reading.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 14:37
Hi FlaMedic,

Congratulations on working to take control of your weight. December is a real challenge, with all of the social events involving food during that month.

It never hurts to have cheerleaders along the way. Ultimately, it's all an inside job, but everyone here has the same kind of goal, so in a way we are in this together.

I'm in my early 50's and fell off the wagon when my trainer closed his business. I lost a lot of momentum and fell back into bad habits, which completely erased the progress I had made (it took a couple of years) and left me heavier than when I had started.

I joined FatSecret at the end of January when I drew the line and rediscovered my previous discipline. I have managed a consistent weight loss (24 lbs so far). I am not diabetic, but I am hypothyroid, which comes with it's own weight loss challenges. I also have a desk job.

What I do (or don't do):

I haven't forbidden particular foods (but I am fortunate that I have no issues that would require that I do so)
I record everything.
I plan my dinners pretty much a month out - I am fortunate that I have a supportive husband is happy to eat what I'm eating (just i larger quantities)
I have a set of recipes that are either quick to fix, or can be made in advance; they have saved me when I'm tired or pressed for time.
If I have any events to attend or a dinner out, I arrange my day to accommodate what I might eat and try and stay within my set boundaries (No less than 1200 cal/day - max 1700)
I drink around 2L of water in a day.
I haven't abandoned coffee - I just drink it black.
I exercise pretty much daily. Currently I do 3 days of Cardio, 1 Barre class and 1 Pilates class in a week. I'm adding 2 days of HIIT starting this week.
I try to limit my time in front of the TV.
I try to get up at least once in a hour at work and do some stairs.
I make an effort to get as close to 8 hours of sleep.

Good luck with your efforts. I look forward to your progress.