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Posted: 30 Nov 2016, 22:13
I have recently joined this site in hope to finally get motivated enough to lose weight! I am currently 126 lbs and I'd love to get down to 100 lbs... I'm 5"2 and currently unhappy about my weight, so I suppose I should fix that.

With a lifestyle that barely consists of exercise, an 800 calorie diet should do the magic, maybe even fewer calories in the future... Who knows.

Anyone that wants to be buddies? Laughing I'd love to be able to support someone on their journey who wants to support me too! Cool

Stay safe,

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Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 06:19
Hey! I'm 5''3 and need to lose weight as well! I'd like to lose about 36 pounds because I'm 156.4 pounds.

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