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Summerschool food is BAD!
okay, so I signed up for Summer school, but all we have is Pizza, chips candy soda and water. I couldn't starve myself! What can i do to not eat all that fatty foods?! I want to lose 15 pounds! ...
2 replies, last reply by Venomous, 10 years ago.   185 views.
started by Cottonheaded ninimuggin.   
Go away 10 pounds!
Heyyyyy I'm Sam, 17 and a high school senior. I weigh about 130 now, and am looking to cheer in college possibly, so i am reaching for at least 120 quickly. I can use any help and motivation i can ...
3 replies, last reply by X_Robin_X, 10 years ago.   370 views.
started by samanthakaym.   
i need help with motivation!
4 replies, last reply by Fat_Jimmy_Nuetron, 10 years ago.   244 views.
started by ppsshhitsshannon.   
glad im not the only one
I hit rock bottom sophomore year when the stress and other crap became so overwhelming i got to 185 at 5'1 yeah. awful... since then ive tried numerous things but Atkins is what helped with the ...
8 replies, last reply by Ashley Ballxa, 10 years ago.   399 views.
started by 20moretogo.   
some form of support
im 14 and i weight 122 @ 5'4" and im in the same boat as kdiehl. i want to lose 15 lbs so i have a better chance of making our winter cheer team and lacrosse team in the spring. i need some s ...
3 replies, last reply by Ashley Ballxa, 10 years ago.   240 views.
started by riverxhawkxlove.   
Quick question.....
hey people.....i have a quick question. i'm 14, 5'2", and 136 pounds. i'd like to lose about 11 pounds in about.....10 weeks i guess. my question many calories should I c ...
2 replies, last reply by MABX, 10 years ago.   208 views.
started by softball1394.   
hey everyone, i need some friends to help encourage me :)
i'm on the fat smash diet sounds like a lot of fun :) i'm currently on the detox aka phase 1 i'm ready to do this! i am 147-150 and i want to be down to 125 and possibly lower i am also ...
1 reply, last reply by princessanalove, 11 years ago.   192 views.
started by deertear.   
Hello Everyone
My name is Sami and I am 16. I started losing weight in middle school when I weighed 145 and have since gained it back due to a lot of stress from the previous year. In December, a friend of mine is g ...
2 replies, last reply by ppurpleyblue, 11 years ago.   321 views.
started by SamiH.   
Hello everyone my name is Stina. I am trying to lose about 11 pounds. I am doing pilates on youtube and trying to eat healthy. Any advise I am more then happy to hear it. Thanks everyone.
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started by stina_dill, 11 years ago.   
so im thinking about joining anytime fitness...but i really need to get my eating habits in order!!i bake cookies everyday at work and its soooo tempting to eat them:?
1 reply, last reply by slicedpie, 11 years ago.   212 views.
started by PaulinaPhilomena.   
hy im 13 tryin 2lose 15lbs im on the fat smash diet its amazing :)
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started by XxXkaiXxX, 11 years ago.   

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