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New Day
Just joined this website because it has an awesome app to help me keep track of my food intake on my phone! It's nice to meet you all and I will surely be supporting al of you! We can do it!
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started by gagalea.   
Parents and Grocery Shopping?
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well :-) So I was curious to see what you ask your parents to buy for "healthy" foods and snacks and what not! I know sometimes for me my parents still ...
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started by palmtreex.   
Hi! I'm new
i dont know how to comment on anyones posts. can someone tell me? thanks!
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started by kaylynn walls, 7 years ago.   
Lonking for buddies
Hi everyone, I'm looking for support to reach my goal I would love to loose about 15lb as soon as possible! xoxoxo I'm looking for buddy who have about the same weigth and goal so we can help ...
3 replies, last reply by kay1995, 8 years ago.   296 views.
started by Eleonore3602.   
ideal weight
I am 5'4.5 ... i weigh 69 kgs,medium frame i m aiming for 65.. or should i aim for more? confused :s
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started by vshay92, 8 years ago.   
got it down
i started with 30 lb to lose before christmas but down to 15 yay
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started by fattio119, 8 years ago.   
This place is pretty awesome. I've got the app for my phone so keeping track will be easy. So, as busy teens, how do you guys stay motived and find the time to prepare healthy foods to eat amidst ...
1 reply, last reply by bluekittycat, 8 years ago.   188 views.
started by Bronxand.   
Hey, I'm neww:)
Hey! I'm 130 and I really want to get down to 115 I'm 5'6" and sometimes I'm just really uncomfortable around my friends cuz they are soo much lighter than me! Please help support ...
1 reply, last reply by bluekittycat, 8 years ago.   155 views.
started by Maliii.   
hey everyone (:
Hi everybody! I'm Rachel! :D I'm 16 & I'm extremely uncomfortable with the way I look because of my weight. My boyfriend tells me all the time how beautiful & sexy he thinks I am, but ...
2 replies, last reply by Flute_Kitty, 8 years ago.   257 views.
started by rachiebear..   
lose the most weight possible in the least amount of time
Hey guys im a wrestler from delaware 17 years old i know everything there is to know about losing weight. The first thing you need to do is set your self a goal of how much you want to weigh and by what ...
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started by sweepsingle103, 8 years ago.   
Hi guys!
My name is Christina. I'm 19, 5'7" and 150 lbs. My goal weight is 130 lbs. I'm looking for a buddy with similar stats to help keep me motivated! I have unlimited texting (from the US), ...
1 reply, last reply by Ashleynk, 8 years ago.   139 views.
started by christinax3.   
Hello,, I'm New
My Name Is Kecia && I'm New To The Site. But I'm Here Because I Want Yo Get Healthyy & Fit. I Need Buddies On Here To Keep Me On Trackkk So,, Request Me aha.
9 replies, last reply by Stella650, 8 years ago.   528 views.
started by Kecia830.   
any tricks for weight loss
so I'm 120-123 pounds and I want to be at 115 by may 7th and 110 by june 20th. help me out!any tricks?
3 replies, last reply by ckarg18, 8 years ago.   258 views.
started by kdiehl.   
For My Daughter
So my daughter, age 12, and I have started an eating plan together because she was recommended to go to a Dietician due to her health and her weight. She only needs to loose about 15pounds and then m ...
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started by smithsacm, 8 years ago.   
Hi :)
Hi I'm Casey, 18, from Australia. Feel free to add me as a buddy, I need some motivation and someone to keep me on track. :)
3 replies, last reply by bimvicious, 8 years ago.   209 views.
started by Casey06.   

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