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Ohai. I need help :(
Hi I'm Jessie. I've gained a total of 44 lbs in less in a year (which means I gained almost 1/2 of my lowest weight??!) This time last year I was around 99lbs and I was up to 143lbs in the last ...
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started by ilulicious.   
Hi, I'm New!
Heyy my name's Jen, and I'm trying to lose some weight over the summer! I've struggled with eating disorders but I want to do it the healthy way. If anyone can relate, let's talk! I have ...
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started by jenniferAN, 7 years ago.   
hi, I just joined.
I'm trying to lose this 20 pounds I gained. I gained it in one month, so I want to lose it in one month too (which I know I can, Ive done it so many times before). I want to look good for the pride ...
1 reply, last reply by BethanMai, 7 years ago.   197 views.
started by destinycharityrose.   
only six to go!
so i only have six kg left to loose till im at my goal weight and it feels like its taking forever. im just pushing to be 60kg before the end of the month =) thaught i would be there already, but i made ...
1 reply, last reply by WintergirlHeather, 7 years ago.   190 views.
started by landi1024.   
25lbs in 46 days :)
:roll: Hii im about to have a 46 days of "my own diet" haha i wanna lose 25lbs before summer :D lol
1 reply, last reply by Renabee, 7 years ago.   167 views.
started by Zoeinmyself.   
20-30 pounds
Im going to start eating less ( i have been indulging snacks and food...etc) so.. I want to be able to loose around 20 before the summer in order to wear a bikini!
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started by sarahpark94, 7 years ago.   
a little bit more
I want to lose a bit more than 25 pounds. I'm tired for being made fun of because of my weight. I want to loose 50 pounds by april
1 reply, last reply by Emi123, 7 years ago.   266 views.
started by Luna Aslyn.   
New to this place...
So I noticed ya'lls group on this site, and I figured I would need support to accomplish my goals.. So hi I guess. :) I want to lose 15lbs so I can be ready by next fall for cross country at my co ...
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started by mxa115630, 7 years ago.   
I'm Cassandra,I'm 19 I weigh 152 lbs. and I'm 5'1 my goal weight is 125. I'm trying to fit into a wedding dress I'm getting married in August of this year. So can anyone help me?
1 reply, last reply by poisond93, 7 years ago.   188 views.
started by cassieevju.   
Being Me...
Hey Guys! My name is Sadie... I guess I can first off tell you I'm not really trying to lose weight for any occasion even though Semi Formal is in a few weeks which would be great to lose a little ...
1 reply, last reply by poisond93, 7 years ago.   178 views.
started by SadieJade.   
I work at McDonalds...
...and they give us free meals. Why would pass up free food? Well, it's put me in a bad situation since all the fries seem to sit right on my tummy area. I just want to be back to my skinny, size 1 ...
1 reply, last reply by poisond93, 7 years ago.   216 views.
started by domiiiandhearts.   
hey guys im Val' im trying to get fit for a prom dress... thats absoulutely gorgeous... i just had a baby but my 6 weeks are almost over (yayyy) please help im trying to get to a size 10... im a size ...
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started by Valerei, 7 years ago.   
New here :)
Hello I'm new here! I'm trying to lose about 29 pounds. My goal weight's 105 lbs. I'm trying to be really active by exercising at least 5 times a week! The thing is, I always lose moti ...
1 reply, last reply by Lila M Smith, 7 years ago.   168 views.
started by OhChubbyCheeks.   
new at this...
My nickname is mari and Im probably 20 pounds overweight. I am comfortable with my body but i want to be healthier. I have done cross country with my school all four years but now that's over. My mom ...
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started by Mari223, 7 years ago.   
need support.
had a goal to lose 35lbs. I've lost 5 in 1 month and wasnt very satisfied. I need a support buddy!!
3 replies, last reply by OhChubbyCheeks, 7 years ago.   222 views.
started by deSiiRe.   

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