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Posted: 10 May 2014, 21:48
I am over the hump of my body going thru the initial shock of not having carbs and fruit on PHASE 1. I have made a decision to do PHASE 1 for 4 weeks instead of 2. I need that SOLID foundation and assurance that the addiction to carbs have been lifted. I have lost 2.4 lbs in 3 days. I have a craving for some pineapples, but ate celery and peanut butter instead. The south beach diet is happening on purpose in my life for that I am grateful!!

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Posted: 19 May 2014, 09:32
I decided to do the same with Phase 1 - as a vegetarian my weight loss will be slightly lower than others but I think that's why 4 weeks is important.

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Posted: 05 Sep 2016, 14:07
I found that once you get used to and enjoy phase 1 foods it seems like a good idea to stay on it longer. I am a bit concerned about phase 2 and adding carbs back into my diet as things are working so well on phase 1.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2017, 18:42
i read somewhere and I'm trying it. phase one for 7 days (or longer if you wish), then 3 days of very light carbs (preferably in morning) along with continuing phase one, then back to phase 1 again for 7 days again. that way your body doesn't feel starved of bread, pasta,