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So what's your next race?
I'm training for the annual 10K held here in town in May. I'll be running a 10K at the end of March in Richmond to test my fitness and training. My long runs are up to 7 miles and I just st ...
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started by runnerkeith.   
Trail runner
Hi all. I run mainly trails. Ran the Blue Ridge marathon April 13. I'm a mountain junkie living in Roanoke, got a half trail marathon on Dec 14. Finally fed up with all the binge eating I do and found ...
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started by drinkwaterx4, 7 years ago.   
Myrtle beach marathon
Anyone running the mirror beach marathon this February? Or has anyone run it in past? I'm registered for this upcoming year!
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started by mackarleigh.   
Food before long run
Hi! I am training for my third 1/2 marathon...the first one was 25 years ago and the second one was in Oct 2010. What foods do you find that give you the energy you want without too many calories and ...
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started by Aunt Keeks.   
Making Time for Running
I was coming to work at 8-9 and now will be coming 9:30-10:00 in order to run guilt free in the mornings. Yeah!
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started by trimthinsue.   
Any other New York Road Runners in the group?
This is a bit localized, but if there are other folks affiliated with the New York Road Runners, here's one for you. What's your favorite NYRR race? For me it's this strange tossup between ...
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started by pridkett, 10 years ago.   
Do you think this is too fast?
I have finally decided to try and run a half marathon. I am not sure I have given myself enough time to train and be ready. The half is on December 11th and I ran 7.4 last week. That is about 1 mile ...
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started by runnerchick.   
Dieting while Training
I'm supposed to be running the Chicago marathon in October, it will be my sixth marathon. However, shortly after my last marathon I got injured and couldn't run for about 12 weeks. During this ...
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started by pridkett.   
Brand new to fatsecret and LOVE it! I'm planning to run my first full marathon this fall. I've run 5 half marathons since 2004, my last just under 2 hours. Anyone else have any distance runs ...
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started by yardleybates.   
Got Water?
Do you drink water during your longer runs? I just bought a belt to carry a couple of bottles of water when I go out on my long runs. A few years ago I used to stash a bottle of water on the side of ...
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started by runnerkeith.   
Want to run again
In the past years of my life, I have ran a lot of 10k races...well....jogged them would be more accurate. However, I have gained 60 lbs and am embarrassed to go outside and run. Of course, that isn& ...
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started by DeMarr, 10 years ago.   
Just joined the group
Hi fellow runners, I am new to Fatsecret and this group. I love to race, even if I am very slow. I am doing the New Orleans marathon at the end of this month, Heart Mini-Marathon in Cincinnati next month, ...
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started by muffintopper.   
Hi runner group
Okay. Hi all and best wishes on your race goals! I have set an ambitious goal of running a 50 mile mountain race with a lot of uphill (12,011 feet of elevation gain up 3 main peaks). Last year in May I ...
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started by RuntoWin.   
Upcoming races in New York City
Anyone else in New York considering running some of the upcoming NYRR races like Kleinerman 10k (Dec 6) or the Holiday 5k (Dec 12)? Also, if you're crazy and running the Knickerbocker 60k lemme know ...
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started by pridkett, 11 years ago.   

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