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Welcome to the Over Weight Vegetarians Group!

Ok lets face it... We do exist. Vegetarians, and Vegans can be overweight.
Despite what the general public would have you think we are not all waifs wasting away while slowly sucking the soul out of a carrot.

Often it's quite the opposite, because of the restrictions we place on our diets we tend to be more adventurous eaters in general.

And with all that excitement maybe we've gotten carried away. Maybe we've had one too many coconut curries, with just a few too many potatoes. Or maybe we're addicted to guacamole, dumplings, cheese (yes soy cheese counts too) etc etc etc. Whatever your weakness as a veggie this group is for you.

Quick Rules of the Group:
1. If you are a happy carnivore then we are happy for you! Believe it or not, sometimes our reasons for not eating meat are not ethical, sometimes we just think it's disgusting… like you do brussel sprouts. Well actually most of us don't like them but you get my point. No haters.

2. To the veggies… Please no preaching. Vegans please understand that some vegetarians like dairy. nuff said.

3. Lets keep it positive! We are here to support each other on our weight loss journeys.

Goals for the Group:
This group is for those seeking a place to share both their successes and obstacles. We all gain the most when we all share openly. No question is too stupid, no diet to crazy to be discussed.


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Pretty Sick Of Groups THat Don't Respond
have you left already as I've only just joined! I found out most grous are completely inactive also, bit of a shame that... but good luck anyway
by lizzy agatha on 28 Oct 16 02:13 AM
I have 13 kilos to loose, I shall look up what that is in stone... you are in the UK? good luck anyway
by lizzy agatha on 28 Oct 16 02:12 AM
I'll reply! I'm just here too.. I am looking to go vegitarian... again.. be good if there was some feedback and support... what are you up to?
by lizzy agatha on 28 Oct 16 02:10 AM
new member
Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to fat secret and brand new to this group. I can really relate to the group description, because I gained weight when I became a vegetarian. I am not saying I gained ...
by dogmom3 on 31 May 13 07:10 AM

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