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Sticky: Introductions
Hey, Everybody. Thanks for joining my group. Here is where you can introduce yourself and tell us a little bit (or a lot) about yourself. Let's start! Okay! My real name is Dennis, I live in so ...
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started by PandaGotsRhythm.   
How much Japanese food do you eat?
I love Japan, but even at my weebiest I have followed a mostly American diet. Recently I got some drinking matcha, and it's supposed to help with weight loss. I love sashimi and miso soup, but I only ...
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started by Pawsome.   
Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Sara~
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started by Feng Xiao, 5 years ago.   
just a new guy saying hi
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started by Biffington, 5 years ago.   
How do you prefer to watch your anime?
Hi! Do any of you watch your anime via They just announced yesterday that they will be running new episodes of Bleach as simulcast! They will be launching newer episodes more recently ...
9 replies, last reply by SakuraAkuma16, 6 years ago.   821 views.
started by Shugotenshi.   
What is your favorite romance manga?
Any suggestions? I feel like getting into a good romantic mood haha.
3 replies, last reply by Sol Angelus, 9 years ago.   396 views.
started by PandaGotsRhythm.   
Anyone here have a MyAnimeList?
It's such a great website to keep track of what I'm watching or reading. Here's my count
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started by PandaGotsRhythm, 10 years ago.   
Anime Expo 2010
I recently attended my first anime convention and I have to say it was an experience. I took photos of many different cos-players and myself. My favorite would have to be a picture of both black power ...
1 reply, last reply by Shugotenshi, 10 years ago.   238 views.
started by PandaGotsRhythm.   

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