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Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 11:15
Tell us about your successes you've had in your weight loss efforts during nursing. We need to keep each other motivated and inspired.

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Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 11:18
I wasn't having much luck losing weight while home on maternity leave. I did too much sitting & too much eating (especially CHOCOLATES). I've been back to work for about 6 1/2 weeks now. I've cut back on the snacking & chocolates and just got back into a normal routine (no actual exercise yet). I've been able to drop a solid 10 pounds these last 6 weeks!!

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Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 09:05
I gained 70 pounds with my son (60 after the birth), and nursed him for 2 years. The first year was the hardest to lose weight. People said the nursing would suck the pounds off...yeah right, not for me! I tried a million diets and some would even make me gain weight. I was exercising and the scale didn't move. Finally I started a whole foods diet (see Gillian McKeith You are what you eat as an example) and I started to drop weight fast! I lost the first 30 and it stayed off. I ate mostly whole foods after the 6 weeks and maintained my weight with little fluctuation. When my son turned 4 I still had the remaining 30 pounds and I did a simple low starch diet. No bread, pasta, potatoes or rice for 4 weeks. The weight started coming off and I lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I like the weight I am at now. For me its about how I feel in clothes, so I threw my scale away and now go by my pants. Throwing away my scale was great! You know when you feel thinner, and the scale can be hard to look at, so why do it if you can tell by your clothes feeling better. Anyhow. I feel amazing . My son just turned 6 and I actually like my body the way it it now--curvy but with a waist. The whole foods/low starch approach is awesome, cheap and healthy. please email me if you need advice. Post-baby weight loss can be a lonely and depressing place.

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Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 16:54
I was overweight when my husband and I got pregnant. Thankfully I lost the 40 pounds I gained from the pregnancy mainly by nursing. I am gluten free and do not eat a lot of sugar so I'm sure that helped. I'm drinking more water and trying to eat more veggies. Now I'm losing the extra weight I need to.

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