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Posted: 16 Feb 2010, 13:15
I am new to Fatsecret! I was just wondering if there was a way to add that I am breastfeeding to help with the calories burned and suggest calorie intake?

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 14:33
I put nursing into the exercise category and estimate 20 calories burned per ounce made. I pump so I know how much I make. I read on here that you can assume 24 ounces per day if you don't know.....

It didn't necesary help with the suggested calorie intake, I think the only options were sedentary, light, moderate or heavy exercise. If just nursing, then probably in the sedentary catagory. I do small walks several times a week so I put myself into the light exercise category.

Hope that helps. Good luck! I started doing this a few weeks back and so far it is helping me evaluate my decisions each meal.

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