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Posted: 28 Nov 2009, 14:09
I just had my second child two months ago and for the first two weeks after delivery I lost 25 lbs. I was so excited! Then after one week I lost another 10 lbs. Breastfeeding does help. It really motivated me to continue losing weight. I currently lost another 3 lbs by eating six small nutrious meals. I'm eating more greens than I have before. My workouts are not intense. Since I have my two year old son it's hard to keep this house clean so I'm always moving picking up toys, passing the vaccuum, cleaning the kitchen etc. I also try to walk 30 mins twice a week. It's a whole lifestyle change not only for me but for my kids. I have a long way to go but I'm willing to work hard for it.

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Posted: 29 Nov 2009, 07:56
Go you!!! You sound like you have my life lol. I also have a 2 yr old who I'm cleaning after and have lost the weight oh so nicely with breast feeding. Around 3 months I started doing at least 2-3 minutes a day on the treadmill to continue the weight loss since you do not burn as many calories making breastmilk as you do when they are little. Just an FYI if you didn't know. Good Luck!!!

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