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Posted: 11 Sep 2014, 09:45
I am nursing my almost 2 Year old & up until recently I was staying at an almost constant weight of about 15 lbs over my pre baby weight. A few months ago I began gaining weight rapidly & put on 12 pounds. I started counting my calories again after a hiatus of well over 2 years. Has anyone else experienced this type of gain so far into nursing?

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Posted: 05 Jun 2015, 17:11
This is why I joined! My daughter is 13 months and for the first time my weight is going up. I am also 6 months pregnant so my milk has slumped. No advice but I can relate.

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Posted: 13 Aug 2015, 12:17
I'm not gaining, but I'm not apparently capable of losing either. My baby is nearly 13 months.
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Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 14:53
Hi, yes I have had that with my second baby. I felt the milk shift down since she was eating so much more food than nursing. I adjusted my diet and she started running and I logged everything. My third I am doing the same but earlier and working with acupuncture to loose. It's slow but steady so far.

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