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Posted: 25 Aug 2014, 08:17
As of today, my baby is 6 weeks old. With each of my children, I gained less than 20 lbs during the pregnancy, lost most of it within a week of giving birth then started to gain 2 to 5 lbs a week for the first few months of nursing. I don't want that to happen again. I need supporters to help me eat better and stay focused. Right now, I have a sugar tooth that is destroying my hopes of weight loss. I want to get down to being just "overweight" based on BMI, instead of obese. I have 31 lbs to go and my next birthday in April will be my 31st. So my goal is to be down 31 for my 31st. I can and will do it!
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Posted: 05 Oct 2014, 13:18
I can't remember where I read it, but there was a study that found that the lack of sleep was a part of new mothers having a hard time losing weight. Are you getting enough sleep? If not, is there any way you can get help in that department? (I'm thinking babysitter for mommy's naptime Wink

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Posted: 09 Jul 2015, 22:48
I got those super sweet tooth cravings about 6weeks post birth. I upped my good fats. Took omega 3s, avocados daily. It really helped. Nursing craves fat if you don't have it it masked for sugar for me.

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