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fafy valkama

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Posted: 07 Nov 2013, 18:36
Hi everyone. I'm a new mom of sweet 2 month old baby girl.
I'm breastfeeding and I know whatever I take will be in my milk and go to my baby and I don't want to hurt my baby or effect my milk amount. I still wonder if there are pills that helps me to get back to my pre-baby body without hurting my baby.
I started working out at the gym 3 days a week but it's hard to go to the gym with no one to take care of my baby so I'm not going every week.
I want to lose weight fast and I want pills that helps me lose weight with exercise without hurting my baby or effecting in the milk amount.
Can anyone help me? Any suggestions?

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Posted: 25 Nov 2013, 14:14
My personal opinion is NO. I've been lactating now for 5 YEARS (2 babies back to back & nursed while pregnant). A way to help you lose weight quickly is by nursing or pumping MORE. On average, each ounce of breast milk contains about 20 calories. Your body also had to BURN calories (not sure how many) to create those 20 calories for your baby. So for every 5 ounces of milk you make, you burn at least 100 calories! Try adding in some extra pumping time in addition to good eating habbits and exercise.
Exercise doesn't have to JUST be going to the gym & does NOT have to be all at once. You can spread out your activity through out the day to constantly rev up your metabolism all day long. Do some lunges, squats or push-ups leaning against the counter several times a day. Do 30-60 seconds of "wall sitting" (way harder than it sounds) off & on all day. Maybe walking around the living room while nursing baby girl instead of sitting; you'll burn twice as many calories.
I know we all WANT there to be a magic pill to make the weigh disappear but there just isn't one, at least not a SAFE one.
There ARE, however, a few natural supplements that you could try that were on Dr. Oz like: white kidney bean extract, Gluconmannan (Konjac Root), grape seed extract, apple pectin. They aren't a "magic pill" but according to Dr. Oz, they DO HELP.
fafy valkama

Joined: Oct 12
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Posted: 25 Nov 2013, 19:25
Thank You very much for Your reply. Very useful information and based on personal experience.
I will read more about the supplements and look for them in my country.
Thank You so much

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