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Posted: 13 Jan 2010, 10:13
I know that breastfeeding is suppose to help with the weightloss or at least give it some sort of a boost, but here is my problem I HAVEN'T lost anything. I gain rather than lost.I'm going to take full responsibility but i have to say when I do eat right and I lose weight my milk supply gets low and according to the baby last visit he's not gaining as much as he should. So anyway I need some help maybe some support. It's hard to explain this to my husband who doesn't know anything about the nusring process. So those whom might understand can maybe guide me to the right direction.

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Posted: 24 Jan 2010, 20:10
i hear ya. breastfeeding has not really seemed to have a big impact on my "weight loss", and when i first changed my eating/workout habits, i struggled with keeping my milk supply up. the only solutions i've found is to keep myself on a daily intake that would be recommended for someone my weight, not adding the "extra" calories that breastfeeding should give, and really reving up my water intake, which has seemed to increase my milk supply. outside of that, i also make sure to get up an hour early so that i can pump every single morning, no matter how early he wakes up to trick me. convincing my body that i need that extra 4-8 ounces every day seems to have made it so i produce more all day long, not just in the morning.

just keep at it. just like breast feeding itself, working out and changing your eating habits takes perseverance more than anything else. my son's almost 5 months old, and the first 3 1/2 months or so, i gained weight. in the last month, i've managed to lose 11 pounds (not huge, but way better than gaining another 5...muhaha!)

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Posted: 29 Jan 2010, 13:13
I have lost all my weight due to brestfeeding and changing a few things. I'm not eating anywhere near my recommended amount of cals tho. Here are my changes:

Only water after 7pm
Eating small meals/snacks every 2-3 hours (specially breakfast w/in an hr of waking)
Upped my water (helps w/ supply)
1 bowl of oatmeal minimum a day (helps w/ supply)
Limited salt
Fish oil capsules and Calcium supplements

Are you sure your milk supply drop isn't because of something else? How do you know it drops? DO you pump? I know right away if mine drops or not cause I pump 3 times a day 5 days a week. The average amount to pump in the first YEAR is 2-4 oz. 3 oz being average.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2010, 20:41
I have the exact same problem. As soon as I stop stuffing my face, my milk production instantly halves. And I do know, as I pump. I've started keeping track of how much I eat when this happens, and it's a whopping 2500kcal a day, but my stupid body doesn't think it's enough. If I go with something like "only water after 7", then forget about it, I don't sleep at all, as my daughter cries all night, trying to get enough food.
The only thing that makes me feel better is that it's exactly what I went through with my son, and after I stopped breastfeeding him, I instantly dropped 30 lb that were previously glued on.

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Posted: 03 Feb 2010, 15:06
Same problem here too...if I work out or eat less my milk drops. I drink lots of water, don't eat anything after 7, eat lots of small snacks, oatmeal every morning, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. If I eat less my milk drops, If I work out my milk drops. I just started some herbal suppliments (a combo of fenu greek and goats bane) so hopefully that will help. I will let you know! I am pumping the average 2-4 per session, but my 6 month old daughter drinks at least 4oz every 2-3 hours still so only pumping 2 oz doesn't cut it.

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Posted: 23 Feb 2010, 12:14
iggymurphy your last post I could have written as well, I am having the exact same problem. I just started drinking Organic Mother's Milk tea, that way I get the herbs and water. My 15 lb 3.5 month old is a chow hound and eats 5 ozs a feeding. I know that the milk content is supposed to change to higher fat as the baby gets older, so that the same amount should be meeting her nutritional needs. Although, when I am on the low end and only getting 3 ozs for a feeding she is very upset and ravenous. I really noticed a drop off when I started to drop lbs and watch calories. Have you had any sucess with anything else? The only thing I can do at this point is supplement a bottle a night.

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Posted: 25 Feb 2010, 10:38
The only thing that seems to help is letting my 6mo old nurse constantly. I do this for about 3 days....she gets what she wants and stimulates my milk to produce more. My milk then stays ok for 3-4 weeks and then its back to baby buffet again. I literally have her attached once per hour for 20-30 minutes at a time when I get home from work. Since she doesn't get enough she is very hungry and keeps nursing often. I did not do this with my first for fear of having her wanting to nurse even when it wasn't necessary, but in hindsight I wish I would have since I gave up nursing her pretty early on (around 5-6 months).

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Posted: 27 Feb 2010, 08:01
iggymurphy- 4 oz every 2-3 hours is too much, and if you feed her more, her belly will get bigger and want more. They should be drinking 1 oz an hour. Specially now that she's 6 months, she can eat solids, needing a bit less of BM.

Those of you that say you get less milk when you work out, when do you work out? Sometimes I have to switch my schedule around and I notice that I'm fine if I pump RIGHT BEFORE working out. But if I workout w/in an hr or 2 of pumping, I get half the amount.

Has anyone tried instead of limiting calories, limit fat? This way your body can take the fat from your body and turn it into breastmilk. Keep in mind carbs turn into sugar, and sugar turns into fat. Increase your protein intake!!! your body uses protein to make milk too.

Also, when your supply drops, have u tried tracking when? HAS AF returned? Mine hasn't returned but the week before I should have AF visit, my milk drops some, without a single change to my diet. That week (before I started DS on solids at 6 months) he would nurse around the clock every 2 hours, and every hour at night.

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Posted: 28 Feb 2010, 11:46
I don't think you should limit the amount your baby eats. Babies eat when they are hungry and they know how much to eat. Unlike adults, they aren't messed up and eating because they are bored or sad. I would never limit what I'm feeding my child to lose weight. I figure, it took me 10 months or longer to gain all this weight, it will take at least that long to lose it and I don't want to look back with regrets of an early weaning or not giving my kids the best start nutritionally.

Also, in my experience - I just eat plenty and work out hard for at least 2 hrs a day and I'm losing a steady 2 lbs a week. If I dieted I could probably lose more but I wouldn't produce enough milk and that is my first priority.

Just my 2 cents Wink

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Posted: 02 Mar 2010, 19:50
My pediatrician recommends 4 to 6 oz every 2-4 hours I encourage each mom to follow her pediatricians advise if they have concerns there. (my first drank 6oz every 3-4 hours and her belly is just fine...)

I agree with sassypamela don't limit what the babies eat. I used a lactation consultant with my first and highly recommend it if you have questions about nursing your little one (they are available in most hospitals).
Now back to the topic......
I am loosing steady weight by cutting back calories, but not working out as I do not want to loose my milk and feel that would be to much for me. The supplement I am taking seems to be helping as my milk is not dropping anymore. Good luck everyone!

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Posted: 12 May 2010, 08:01
I have been doing weight watchers-but I am careful to wach my calorie intake to make sure I am getting enough. Here's what it has taught me. You can eat not enough calories and still way too much fat easily. This will deplete milk due to lack of calories, but still not allow you to loose much weight. Increase fiber!! Seriously, if I follow closely and eat enough calories but still eat about as many points as I need, I lose. I have lost 12 to 13 lbs since Feb. 1st, and the only drop in supply is a slight one due to him starting solids around then.

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