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My baby is 4 and 1/2 months and is sucking the life out of me.
I just turned 30 and am the exhausted mother of three, plus 1 husband (which we all know is like another kid) and a dog who just started peeing in the house daily since I brought the new baby home...phew. ...
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started by fivealive79.   
Oh depressing...
We had a family bbq - I thought I'd been doing so well lately, and then I saw the pictures, and I still look huge. Now, logically I knew I wouldn't look any different by losing just a few lbs, ...
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started by Cadbury.   
At what age did your babe ween?
My little one (baby #2) will soon be 15m. While she's eating solids and drinks from a sippy cup, she's still a big fan of nursing. By this age baby #1 was weened. So I don't know when baby ...
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started by sp_kay.   
Happy to find this group!
I'm thrilled to find this group, especially considering that nursing is one of my biggest obstacles to weight loss (I'm hungrier than when I was pregnant!). I'd love to connect with other ...
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started by All That Baby Weight!.   
How are the mommas doing?
Hey there nursing mothers how are the little one's growing? Hope you're all enjoying the joys of motherhood and the bonding. Hope you have an easy ween and I hope the eating right continues and ...
1 reply, last reply by Married mom to 3, 10 years ago.   161 views.
started by Married mom to 3.   
WW POINTS for non-exclusive breastfeeding
I know that WW tells you to add an extra 10 POINTS per day when breastfeeding, but I understand that only applies to exclusive breastfeeding. I read somewhere that for non-exclusive breastfeeding, you ...
11 replies, last reply by peetred, 10 years ago.   455 views.
started by hzl.   
just for support
Hello i'm liz. I'm not on WW and I am not breastfeeding anymore. But I did breastfeed 3 kids and if ur a new mom or need some support or advice i'm totally down to help u out best i can. Take ...
3 replies, last reply by Mizan, 10 years ago.   236 views.
started by Married mom to 3.   
WW and nursing
I'm nursing my 4 mo little man and trying to lose weight. I'm not on WW proper, but I've discovered that Fatsecret will track WW points, so I looked up the number of points I'm supposed ...
4 replies, last reply by quirita, 10 years ago.   230 views.
started by booski.   
Milk Supply taking a HUGE nose dive!!
I am exclusively pumping.. I had huge issues getting my first to latch, though she eventually did... thought it would be easier with my second but it wasn't! It was just as hard but with a toddler ...
8 replies, last reply by angeldimples1407, 10 years ago.   356 views.
started by vlaunier.   
Breastfeeding and weight gain
I have two children. One is 11 1/2 and the other is 5 months and breastfeeding, although not exclusively. After I had my daughter, I found that I gained weight while breastfeeding and as soon as I s ...
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started by stomlin.   
My sweet husband
It was very sweet, but when I told my husband what my weight was he said that I don't look like I weigh that much. He said my breasts probably weigh 20 lbs. So I had to find out. We have a postal ...
2 replies, last reply by nicmiller4, 10 years ago.   258 views.
started by Chambersmomx3.   
Nursing and The Abs Diet
I have a 3 year old and 7 week old. I gained most of my pregnancy weight in my mid section so I wanted to try the Abs diet. I'm concerned about getting enough calories since it's not as stru ...
2 replies, last reply by jwelken, 10 years ago.   224 views.
started by jwelken.   
Hi Mamas, I just saw this group and I wish you had been here a few months ago when I was looking for other BF mamas on WW. I am currently BF my 2nd son who is now 7 months (:shock:). I also have a 2.5 ...
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started by nicmiller4, 10 years ago.   

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