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Mom of 3
:d Hi my name is Mary and a mother of 3! I have 5, 2.5 and 5 month old. I'm in the same boat as some of you other mothers. I'm having a difficult time trying to jugle three and getting work ...
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started by francisca123.   
New Mom Joining your Group!
Hello Ladies! I'm a 31 year old mom of a 2 week old baby boy. Exclusively pumping right now due to baby's short frenulum, but it was clipped just yesterday and I'm hoping to be able to r ...
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started by wiscwood, 8 years ago.   
New to nursing!
Hi, I am Danielle. I have about 20 lbs to lose I am new to nursing and it has been quite a challenge to begin with. I am consuming about 2300 calories right now. I am always hungry, I have a 5 week old ...
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started by nell143, 8 years ago.   
Nursing, toning and eating right
So here's the deal... I want to tone up, drop the fat, and nurse my baby. IF I drop calories for weight loss it seems my milk production also drops. So what exactly do you eat and how much to achieve ...
1 reply, last reply by fatangryblog, 8 years ago.   194 views.
started by DisDarce.   
New here
I just joined this site today and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm nursing my daughter, who is 14.5 months. I have quite a bit of weight to lose (just over 150#). I have always had borderline ...
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started by RachelsMama, 8 years ago.   
New to the group - here's my story
Hello everyone, I will be 38 this year and I am nursing my youngest. She is 5 months and 1 day old. At my last OBGYN appt before I gave birth back in March, my weight was 296 lbs. On July 23rd, I ...
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started by fatangryblog, 8 years ago.   
How do you lose weight while nursing?
I'm still not sure how to get to my goal weight while maintaining that extra 500 calories while breastfeeding. I read that your milk supply can decrease if you work out too much and if you don't ...
3 replies, last reply by Emerald17, 8 years ago.   203 views.
started by Emerald17.   
Nursing and not losing
Has anyone experienced this before? With my son I lost weight super fast by counting WW points but this time around(2nd child) it's not coming off and I am so frustrated! :evil: My little one is now ...
5 replies, last reply by zionastar, 8 years ago.   264 views.
started by 2SpareTires.   
anyone else nursing a toddler?
I'm still nursing my 18 month old with no plans to wean. He's my 3rd nursling and 3rd extended nurser. Just wondering if anyone else was in it for the long-haul.
5 replies, last reply by Melgal, 9 years ago.   239 views.
started by funkyfat.   
calorie confusion!
Hello everyone. I'm new to the group so I apologize if this question has been answered already but I just had a baby five weeks ago and I'm strictly nursing. Anyways I was wondering how do I f ...
4 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 9 years ago.   230 views.
started by sonya76.   
Breastfeeding is time consuming and draining!
I delivered 4 weeks ago and exclusively breastfeeding. I am feeling exhausted from feeding him every 2-3 hours. Need a little encouragement. :roll: The weight is coming off, which is comforting. I ...
14 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 9 years ago.   379 views.
started by fetchgretch.   
worried about weening....
since my daughter will be getting weened soon (teething, ouch!), will i inevitably gain weight?? i have lost ~12 pounds before signing up here. I'm just worried about a reverse to my progress....
7 replies, last reply by liltwitt, 9 years ago.   340 views.
started by bozzy1030.   
Is anyone else doing atkins? My lil guy doesn't nurse a lot these days, so my milk supply has dropped. I've heard other women say their supply dropped when they started atkins. I'm getting ...
2 replies, last reply by sararay, 9 years ago.   183 views.
started by CatSoup.   
Tattoo while breastfeeding?
Wondering if anyone here got one? I keep hearing mixed opinions about it.
5 replies, last reply by funkyfat, 9 years ago.   213 views.
started by samiialexis.   
New to it all!
New to motherhood & nursing (my son, Louis, is 12 days old), new to the site and group, and new to diet and exercise. Although I was never 'skinny' weight was never a problem for me until ...
1 reply, last reply by mimzee, 9 years ago.   123 views.
started by SanSue.   

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