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Hi! Breastfeeding w/ MSPI diet & exercise for me
My little guy is 5 months old and has MIlk & Soy protein intolerance, it is so severe that alimintrum made him have a reaction. I have been working on weightloss since he was 7 weeks old. I am ...
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started by jessamycz.   
fenugreek makes me hungry!
I am trying to up my supply so i can pump some excess for when i return to school this fall. taking fenugreek i get a grumbly tummy every time. grrr.
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started by nicyndi.   
Hi there! Mom of 3 checking in
Hey there, I thought I would join as I am now 2 weeks out from #3 and getting more energy after an unexpected C. Looking for some support as I try to shed the weight and still nurse. I have a history ...
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started by jerseychix.   
just joined
Hello I just joined the group. I am bfeeding my 3 month old and trying to count my calories and lose weight! i also have 2 other kids a 6yr old and a 4yr old! losing weight is such hard work! by the ...
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started by newmom43rdtime.   
need to increase calcium, but keep calories down-- HELP!
Hey guys- what are your tips on increasing calcium while keeping calories down? Do I need to eat broccoli by the pound?? Milk is so high in cals- but low-fat cheeses and yogurts are low in calcium...:?
4 replies, last reply by tgrew, 8 years ago.   254 views.
started by jenhanson.   
Finally back to pre-pregnancy weight
Ok, so a bit of background. When I had my daughter, I started at 150 lbs and gained 30 lbs during the pregnancy. I lost it all plus about 13 lbs and was really happy with that. Got pregnant again (w ...
2 replies, last reply by chispaza, 8 years ago.   204 views.
started by chispaza.   
Hi! I am new to FatSecret! I am 24 yrs old. I am married to a great man and have a wonderful baby. Abby was born 10-1-10 and I am ready to lose the weight that Ive gained since having her! I had a very ...
1 reply, last reply by chispaza, 8 years ago.   138 views.
started by Susan_04.   
Need Buddy Support
I do not have any fatsecret buddys, please add me I need the support! Thanks everyone!
2 replies, last reply by mitdiva, 8 years ago.   202 views.
started by NikiH.   
I lost 6 lbs in 4 days
follow me on twitter @itsontheshelf check out my blog find me on facebook "Its on the shelf" I will be posting video weigh ins and other cool stuff! I lost 6 ...
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started by NikiH, 8 years ago.   
I weened my daughter cold turkey gained 9 lbs, then lost 6 lbs in 4 days!
I just recently weened my 21 month old daughter by just telling her the "ba boos" (her special name for them) were broken. It worked like a charm! She asks on occasion if they are still broken, ...
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started by NikiH, 8 years ago.   
Hi everyone...I'm new to this group and fatsecret but I am exclusively breastfeeding and am hoping to lose some weight at the same time...So glad to find some other nursing moms to share this weight ...
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started by Mo_Babee, 8 years ago.   
Weening and weight loss
My daughter nursed for 14 months. She began weening herself around 12 months and by 14 months, unless I reminded her to nurse, she happily went without. I had heard that weight loss was "a piece of ...
3 replies, last reply by Pyxelle, 8 years ago.   217 views.
started by Cristine01.   
cutting calories
I have, with the help of breastfeeding, been able to drop 29lbs of the 37 gained with pregnancy. Unfortunately, the last 8lbs are hanging on and apparently I need some added effort to get rid of them. ...
3 replies, last reply by swetli, 8 years ago.   204 views.
started by swetli.   
exercise diary
Hi! Anyone know how to get the exercise diary to account for the calories expended breastfeeding round the clock? And how to get the rdi to realize that I get 500 more calories a day?
1 reply, last reply by LimaMichelle, 8 years ago.   157 views.
started by thomsclark1.   
Strategies for curbing hunger?
Hi ladies! Just wondered what strategies you guys have for curbing hunger while nursing. My baby is 8 months and I have almost 20 pounds to go, but I am SO darn hungry all the time. Any tips?
1 reply, last reply by thomsclark1, 8 years ago.   160 views.
started by josiejosie.   

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