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Old friends and new friends using NK to be healthy, lose weight, maintain weight and chat.


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NK - May Version
This post concisely explains the difference between LC and NK: http://nkevolution.freeforums.net/thread/22/nutritional-ketosis
by reddarin on 20 May 13 04:22 PM
A Better Place
Just wanted to bump this thread to let everyone know to join us at the new, full featured, forum: http://nkevolution.freeforums.net/ :)
by reddarin on 18 May 13 10:45 AM
Leptin Reset Rules
Thank you guys for the feedback! I read about this and think it's a little too much for me to take on now. The stress of eating w/in 30 mins of waking seems like a bit too much pressure. I know it ...
by robbelkk on 16 May 13 09:56 AM
Tips To Stay On Plan
Great thread as I'm struggling to stick to ANY plan seems like...I like the idea of really analyzing the time and asking myself what can I do to better my life with that time and try to just keep ...
by robbelkk on 15 May 13 03:45 PM
Rewarding Yourself
raindroproses wrote: I just loved the capris and wanted to brag :lol: Very brag-worthy! They look so tiny and CUTE!
by robbelkk on 15 May 13 03:40 PM

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