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New Member following KETO
I am new to the group. So far I have no buddies. If anyone is following the KETO diet I'd love to hear any tips you may have.:?:
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started by Anonymousfoodaddict.   
Oy Vey...Vacation !
I just spent 10 days on vacation...started in New Orleans and well, what do you do in New Orleans but eat incredible food. Then on to New York to spend my grandson's birthday week with the Italian ...
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started by Lippybeth.   
Is this group still active?? I don’t see recent posts....this is the perfect group for me so I hope you are here. Bonnie
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started by bonrat, 2 years ago.   
Small losses
I have been sick with a nasty cold and cough for 2 weeks...haven't had much of an appetite, but when I do eat it is pretty strict LCHF foods. I have only lost 2 lbs in over 3 weeks. I am thinking I ...
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started by Lippybeth.   
Where is everyone ?
We all have been busy with the Holiday Season but it's January ! I started back on my LCHF diet on January 2nd..waited until that day because of an annual celebration on New Years Day with musicians ...
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started by Lippybeth.   
Stuck for over a month between 236 and 240. No cheats on the food and at the gym 4 days a week 1 hr 30 of medium heavy weights.Never more than 75% of RDI and 25 net carbs. Any ideas
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started by Athensgym.   
Need some resources for recipes?
Hello Y'all, I am new to this group, and fairly new to FS and was wondering if you have any resources for recipes for this LCHF way of life? No, it isn't a Diet for me, it must become a Way of ...
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started by SLLockhart.   
New to the group and happy I joined
Hi, I joined Fatsecret about a month ago feeling pretty desperate to bring my blood test numbers down A1c, triglycerides and etc.. LCHf is the only way I can lower these numbers but because I wasn't ...
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started by dolores scuderi johnson.   
Too hot to cook
All right, it's hotter than Hades here in E. Tennessee, (the humidity kicks you in the face when you go out) anyway, it's too hot to cook so I tried eating out twice yesterday; I got my macros ...
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started by donnacarrier, 3 years ago.   
Is it possible?
Hello all, I was just wondering if eating LCHF will show so much energy so quickly? Yesterday, was my first real day on LCHF and today, I feel like I can't move fast enough. I have been up since ...
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started by SLLockhart, 3 years ago.   
Heart Palpitations Big Time!
:roll: About 2:30 am I woke up to major palpitations! I am 62+ and had A-Fib in the early 2000s that took me two years to correct with two cardiac ablations.. so No! Can't do this Keto thing Yes, ...
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started by guitarmama54, 3 years ago.   
Day three under my belt and I feel really good!
8) usually by day 3, I'm chewing through the walls, anxious about if I can do this, after so many failures. But this high fat is keeping me full and satisfied and I love protein and greens, so ...
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started by guitarmama54, 3 years ago.   
Mind sharing what ratio of fat, protein and net carbs you are eating? Beginner here who has question
:oops: Hi... Just had my first day of using recipes from Rule Me. Who has first month of recipes and daily menus.. I think I ate too much protein with my fats.. at about 110% for both with 11 net ...
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started by guitarmama54, 3 years ago.   
New to Group and on Day Two , waiting for the Flu ! LOL
:lol: Hi All! Just started yesterday, after much research and reading. Doc cleared me for the start, as I just got diagnosed with official Type II diabetes. Numbers aren't too bad but my AC1 was ...
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started by guitarmama54, 3 years ago.   
quitting smoking
I am 2 months no0w without smoking....weight went from 210 to 223.... not really that bad (I think). today I start again, being serious about my diet......
4 replies, last reply by yawneyjo, 6 years ago.   338 views.
started by yawneyjo.   

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