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Hi, let's join together to get some relief... and also share the medications you all are using... may we get the best medicine for all people suffering from the same disease!


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Do not know what to eat for breakfast?
Interesting. I hadn't heard this about taking at night. Thanks for sharing experiences doing so. Anyone found any downside to doing it?
by sailrunner on 15 Apr 19 10:45 PM
I have been waiting 3 months to get my new custom-made shoes so I can workout with dumbbells and resistance bands. :? My old shoes are really wearing out...it's been 17 months now. I am using r ...
by AfterHyperNowHypo on 26 Mar 18 04:52 PM
Any kind of hypothyroid will make you gain weight because your thyroid controls your metabolism. I'm on Armour Thyroid and it helped me lose weight. Your medication dosage will have to be adjusted ...
by crstlgls on 07 Jan 18 06:47 AM
Armor issues
actually, now Armour is easy to get. My pharmacy usually carries it. I just have to get it prescribed by my doctor and they'll fill it for me. I use CVS in Target, Ansonia, CT.
by crstlgls on 07 Jan 18 06:32 AM
I was originally put on Synthroid, but it didn't help me. We switched me to Nature-Throid, but I still felt tired. I am now on Armour since last August, and my doctor agrees Armour has helped me the ...
by crstlgls on 07 Jan 18 06:14 AM

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Hanging with a friend 10 lbs. lighter 2 mos. ago!
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