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It seems like everyday a new diet fad pops up. The thing all of these "diets" have in common is one word, "FAD," a catchy little "strategy" guaranteed to melt that fat off of your body. There are so many new diet fads that we have lost count.

Yet while the diets don't stay around long, people do get results following them. People do lose weight. Then why do they fail? Most diets will work at least short term, but who wants to live their life depriving themselves of the foods they love? And if you don't mind deprivation, which diet is right for you? What is the final answer for healthy fat loss that you can stick with?

The Lifestyle Cut Diet is meant for everyone and will help you obtain the lean, healthy body you have always dreamed of! This diet works because it is built to fit your schedule and needs. You are allowed to eat various foods without having to count every calorie.


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Hi Lean Muscle Lifestyle Diet group members,
I have been exercising and dieting for one year. I have lost 21Kg/46lbs in weight and I have recently hit my ideal weight target so what next? I feel too thin, I would like to gain some lean muscle ...
by Windlepoones on 30 Aug 17 03:07 PM
Finally Learned To Control Weight.
I Feel so Good Now That I Have My Weight Under Control, My Diet Consist Of Very Healthy Foods Mostly Organic Foods.
by missprissyonly on 31 Jan 15 06:16 AM
Hello ScyVation, I am soooooo excited about joining Fatsecret and your Lean Muscle Lifestyle Diet group. I joined your group because in addition to needing to lose 159lbs, I really want to also focus ...
by Pheenixx500 on 01 Aug 10 07:30 PM

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180lb - Would like to gain 10 to 15lb of muscle.
by RandyLachermeier

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