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Posted: 06 Sep 2018, 10:27
Hello all. I'm new to the group. I really need to lose some weight so I decided to try keto. I know keto will help with my glucose level but I am not so sure about it helping my cholesterol since the diet is high in fat. Wondering if I should stay with keto or try a different diet. Question Thoughts? Advice?
Aussie Elise

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Posted: 07 Oct 2018, 00:58
I found some interesting information on lowering cholesterol while on the keto diet here:

It seems that only one quarter of our blood cholesterol comes from food sources. Most of the cholesterol is produced by our bodies. Most web information I have looked at say it is better to get high fat sources from fish and nuts. Summed up here:
"To lower your heart disease risk, boost your HDL and lower your LDL cholesterol, try adding healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil and monounsaturated fat like olive oil to your diet ASAP. These are keto-approved and excellent for your heart health no matter which diet you ultimately choose."

I am trying this diet too, and am concerned about cholesterol ("Bad" = LDL). Good luck!

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Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 07:48
I've been on the keto diet for around 8 weeks now and recently had a blood test which showed that my cholesterol is basically the same. The best advice you can get on this, and practically anything else keto is to go onto the Diet Doctor website. It's full of great information and recipes.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2019, 22:11
Blood cholesterol doesn't go higher when you eat dietary cholesterol. The ONLY way to create blood-cholesterol is to eat carbs.

In the short-term, you can expect your HDL to get much better, along with your total cholesterol and triglicerides.

Your LDL may LOOK worse, but that is because the small, dense particles are getting larger. They no longer are able to pass thru the cell walls, so they go from negative to neutral. The only way to tell this is to have a test to check for LDL particle size.
If you know going in that this will happen, you won't be alarmed by the test results. By about 6 months this should look better on normal tests.

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