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Huge nutrition fan & believe food can heal all sorts of niggles. I have eaten the Paleo way for a while & successfully used the Keto diet to shed of a few extra pounds. It should always be a lifestyle and it's so easy :) The story of how my health, energy and weight has changed is prove of the amazing benefit. People are unfortunately uneducated due to marketing and bad food promotion. Its all about what you eat, when you eat it and how much!


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Hello, I am new to the group and just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Tonya and I am a 26 year old Mom of two! I struggle to lose weight no matter how hard I workout at the gym or try eating clean ...
by Tonya Troutt on 21 May 19 01:21 PM
Breaking my Fast
Hello Everyone, So I have a question I fast from 8pm to the following day Lunch at 1:00pm. I am going to gym first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. But this morning as I prepared my lunch, I ate ...
by maxine1 on 01 May 19 11:45 AM
new to keto
Welcome! I've found that Liv001 is a font of info on the Keto plan, she has awesome resources. Also join "The big fat lie" group, she posts most there.
by Dee_T on 07 Mar 19 12:34 PM
Keto is known for affecting breath (most fat lost is thru breathing rather than body waste), but I don't think I've ever heard of black or white on tongue. I agree, time to visit Dentist. Do ...
by Dee_T on 12 Feb 19 10:16 PM
Confused about keto
Blood cholesterol doesn't go higher when you eat dietary cholesterol. The ONLY way to create blood-cholesterol is to eat carbs. In the short-term, you can expect your HDL to get much better, along ...
by Dee_T on 12 Feb 19 10:11 PM

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Keto Pizza with Pamesan Cheese Crispy Crust
by oitsu2

Rolls for KETO
by carmendavis

Keto and success!
by cie47
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