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Huge nutrition fan & believe food can heal all sorts of niggles. I have eaten the Paleo way for a while & successfully used the Keto diet to shed of a few extra pounds. It should always be a lifestyle and it's so easy :) The story of how my health, energy and weight has changed is prove of the amazing benefit. People are unfortunately uneducated due to marketing and bad food promotion. Its all about what you eat, when you eat it and how much!


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Blueberries and fage total 5% yogurt does it for me. I'll put a couple of squirts of a sugar free flavored "syrup" every now and then to change up the flavor.
by ChocoSpec on 15 Oct 18 12:48 PM
Confused about keto
I've been on the keto diet for around 8 weeks now and recently had a blood test which showed that my cholesterol is basically the same. The best advice you can get on this, and practically anything ...
by christine366 on 11 Oct 18 07:48 AM
Hello All!
Just started the Keto plan about 3 weeks ago, although I found out I wasn't doing it quit right, so I think I'm on the right track now...lol Guess We'll see, I know where to get help if I need ...
by oitsu2 on 17 Sep 18 10:00 PM
Pizza toppings
I sometimes eat the topping off a large olive and cheese dominos pizza. Toppings are about 1 1/4 c.. Anyone have any idea how to count macros?
by lyndanorvitch on 15 Aug 18 01:42 PM
Too Much Food
I decided to find a nutritionist who supported the keto diet to get some guidance, structure, expertise, and accountability. So far I like having a partner in what I am doing. My husband just eats what ...
by Danielle MH on 27 Jul 18 11:11 AM

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Keto Pizza with Pamesan Cheese Crispy Crust
by oitsu2
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Rolls for KETO
by carmendavis
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Keto and success!
by cie47
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