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Type 2
I had to go Keto after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with some modifications - I don't eat grains. I have mostly been keeping my carbs at 8-12 per day although I did blow out to 25.2 yeste ...
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started by carolestone.   
Tiredness, brain-fog and lack of energy
I'm trying to go really 'low-carb', after struggling with a weight problem for years. I lost 35kg on a calorie-restriction regime, a couple of years ago (using the Fat Secret site) but I ...
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started by Veritas1958, 2 weeks ago.   
Siracha....keto squirrel great sauce...going for the 8 wk Keto 20 carb a day challenge.gonna be tough....50 a day is challenging...I'll give it hell...good luck to all
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started by pdido, 2 weeks ago.   
Well, guys I am new to Keto, and I always feel I want fruits. I already like them much! So the question is, can I eat limited amount of fruits, while keeping track of the carb count?
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started by AmGh9.   
Breaking my Fast
Hello Everyone, So I have a question I fast from 8pm to the following day Lunch at 1:00pm. I am going to gym first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. But this morning as I prepared my lunch, I ate ...
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started by maxine1.   
Hello, I am new to the group and just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Tonya and I am a 26 year old Mom of two! I struggle to lose weight no matter how hard I workout at the gym or try eating clean ...
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started by Tonya Troutt, 2 months ago.   
new to keto
hi am new to this..not very informed only a few bits ive read on the net,,so hoping ill pull it weight has rocketed since ive given up smokes and havent taken up comfort eating but have no ...
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started by julie-anneburgess.   
Has anyone else experienced issues with their tongue? I started having a black line in the center and a brownish hue all over it over the last week or so. I looked up information and think it is black ...
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started by metrying2lose67.   
Confused about keto
Hello all. I'm new to the group. I really need to lose some weight so I decided to try keto. I know keto will help with my glucose level but I am not so sure about it helping my cholesterol since the ...
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started by Cindy4567.   
In Need Of A Coach
If you are in need of a coach and are on FaceBook. Look up TeamEmpowered My wife is newly certified and does not sell products or charge.
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started by phillipraimo, 9 months ago.   
Hello All!
Just started the Keto plan about 3 weeks ago, although I found out I wasn't doing it quit right, so I think I'm on the right track Guess We'll see, I know where to get help if I need ...
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started by oitsu2, 10 months ago.   
Pizza toppings
I sometimes eat the topping off a large olive and cheese dominos pizza. Toppings are about 1 1/4 c.. Anyone have any idea how to count macros?
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started by lyndanorvitch, 11 months ago.   
Too Much Food
My wife and I are still in the learning stage of Keto. I figured I would come up with a menu plan within my calorie limit and break down. There is not way I can eat as much food as it would take to hit ...
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started by troyringeisen.   
Rolls for KETO!!!
I took the keto pretzel recipe and make small balls and flatten out to make keto "buns"! Works great for san ...
1 reply, last reply by Danielle MH, 12 months ago.   69 views.
started by carmendavis.   
"Low Carb" Foods -- NOT
Be very careful about the advertizing gimmicks like "net carbs" and "sugar alcohols." Some keto proponents (Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D., are of the opinion that these gi ...
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started by Miraculum.   

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