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To share recipes and meal plans for effective weight loss, yet still feeling satisfied and not hungry between meals. If you restrict your carbohydrates to less than 50g per day, you should go into a metabolic state where most of your body's energy comes from ketone bodies in the blood. Ketosis is the body's "fat burning" mode. In this state you should lose weight as the body now uses stored fat as energy.


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Unsure After Three Weeks
I would try doing Intermittent and shooting for 20 with the reduced hours of eating. I'm only a beginner at Keto but did Atkins for a spell years ago. Keto is much easier Thank God. I take these Keto ...
by Tigerlee on 24 Jan 20 07:38 PM
I use the Keto-Mojo blood meter every now and then. My breath gets a funny Oder/taste. I've never noticed my sweat smelling different.
by Pippster Bridget on 18 Oct 19 03:43 PM
First time poster
I started Keto again Feb 18th at 218 lbs. I did a weigh in on Saturday and again today and Im 198lbs. Im using DietDoctor and its saved me. It was really hard for me to meal plan before but its been a ...
by Dietrick24 on 14 Mar 19 11:36 AM
New to group
Checking in too. I don't check this very often. Been on a somewhat keto diet, but one I lost 10 pounds it has been the yoyo diet. Losing the same couple of pounds over and over.
by August59 on 04 Oct 18 07:37 PM
Some help plz
I would eat more fat to come closer, in my case mct oil. But if the macros are pretty close and I am not hungry I don't worry about it. I just read this again and it is more important to keep your ...
by dellNick on 30 Sep 18 01:32 AM

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