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How does everyone know they are in ketosis? Meters? Strips? Just curious...
8 replies, last reply by Judyrose1997, a month ago.   1,129 views.
started by Horseshu1.   
Unsure After Three Weeks
I've been reading and working with Keto for about 3 weeks now. I was trying to follow the First Phase of Dr. Atkins (on his web site), you know only his acceptable foods (can do that), but have been ...
7 replies, last reply by Tigerlee, a year ago.   1,594 views.
started by rgaDawg.   
First time poster
I started Keto again Feb 18th at 218 lbs. I did a weigh in on Saturday and again today and Im 198lbs. Im using DietDoctor and its saved me. It was really hard for me to meal plan before but its been a ...
no replies.   714 views.
started by Dietrick24, 2 years ago.   
New to group
Is anyone out there?
14 replies, last reply by August59, 2 years ago.   1,048 views.
started by gigiphilby.   
Some help plz
Hi everyone now i can't get the right fat but i didn't feel hungry And i couldn't get all the calories i should have Is this right or i doing something wrong? Fat 79 of 118 Protein 86 of ...
1 reply, last reply by dellNick, 3 years ago.   942 views.
started by ahmed.s.   
Overcoming Obstacles
I subscribe to the newsletter and am a (free for a month) member. In my email, I found this great article. Calvin has lost over 100 pounds following Dr. Eenfeldt's recommendations. ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney1, 3 years ago.   608 views.
started by Miraculum.   
...NOT My error!
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started by Miraculum, 3 years ago.   
Let's Revive This Group
This should be a nice forum to discuss the Keto lifestyle without the nay-sayers piling on. Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Aches, groans or moans (of approval)?
15 replies, last reply by over1shead, 3 years ago.   699 views.
started by From371to184.   
Day Two
I am finally following a friends footsteps and trying the Ketosis Lifestyle. I was raised that low-fat is the best way to eat, so this is very challenging for me to wrap my head around. I tried my first ...
4 replies, last reply by Peggymcm, 3 years ago.   511 views.
started by Lesleag.   
day one
GOING FOR KETO LIFESTYLE I really need to get my bloodsugars in line. I think this is the way to do it. I had lost over about 15 months 30 lbs. I seem to be in a holding pattern so here we go......T ...
no replies.   314 views.
started by Peggymcm, 3 years ago.   
Keto Pizza recipe
Thanks for letting me join you all here! I am looking forward to learning some new recipes, and sharing some I have found! So to start here is one I just found for a KETO Pizza crust made with riced C ...
1 reply, last reply by alan tyler, 3 years ago.   386 views.
started by alan tyler.   
You're On an Island - What ONE Recipe?
Whether it's a "fat bomb" or full-fledged meal... what one recipe would you want to have (and had the resources to make) if stranded on a deserted (not DESSERT) island?
4 replies, last reply by Britt1975, 3 years ago.   543 views.
started by From371to184.   
Best and Worst Compliments Received?
Okay, tell us YOUR quick quips... the good, the bad and the ugly! Mine was, "Hey, good job - you look good for being as old as you are!" (teenager of a friend of mine).
2 replies, last reply by Tbaygirl, 3 years ago.   468 views.
started by From371to184.   
Feel like I'm starting over
I was put on a low carb diet in 1974 after being hospitalized twice with hypoglycemia. They used to do 5 hour glucose tests to determine if you had it, but I never made it through the first phase of the ...
2 replies, last reply by Horseshu1, 3 years ago.   419 views.
started by Horseshu1.   
Need more fat
I am having a hard time getting enough fat in my diet without all of the protein. Any ideas?
12 replies, last reply by From371to184, 4 years ago.   814 views.
started by EDC1972.   

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