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Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 17:56
I thought we might share recipes we have found on this site that are good & low cal. This will help in addition to the exercise. I just had a delicious filling dinner that was under 200 calories, and I am VERY picky with food.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut/Ginger/Lime Sauce


I used sugar rather than honey, and didn't have chili oil so left it out. This sauce is light and delicious. 1/3 of the recipe is one serving.


I made my own Vietnamese spring rolls with low cal veggies (see above) and dipped in sauce. Wonderful & filling low cal dinner. You have to buy the wrappers at an oriental food store. They are paper thin, and 85 gms is one serving (about 300 cal). 85 gms of the diameter I bought is about 1/4 the package which has probably a few hundred wrappers in it so you probably will only use a fraction of a serving. The calorie count for these is not in the below as the recipe finder couldn't locate it, so here is the info:

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