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I would like all participants in this group to be able to express their views with humor, honesty, and good old fashioned fun.

Go ahead and "Just Do It!":

*Make that first move to discuss your emotions while losing your weight

*Topics of interest are always: plateaus and other related frustrations. Start one now!

*Fitness is always a major plus when you want to lose weight. It is a must when you incorporate it with a good diet. What types of fitness routines are you doing to get yourself off that couch?


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inconsistency WEAKNESS
My problem is straight laziness. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and months pass by. This is new for me for I used to be soo active. :!:
by jsreddblaze on 18 May 14 12:20 PM
Having a hard time " just doing it "
Im in my 50's and dont have a problem eating well. My problem is that I have previously been a very active person (walking for an hour every day for most of my life and have had a personal trainer ...
by nance101 on 05 Jul 13 01:31 PM
Newbie @ Jogging and need some help :/
Hey everyone! I've always wanted to jogg and not have my feet KILL (flat footed) and run out of breath and have my shoulder hurt because for some odd reason my shoulder always hurts, and then start ...
by palmtreex on 23 Jul 10 09:52 AM
I just started 3/5 but have been starting a healthy diet since the beginning of the year. I live in Wyoming and so I do a lot of walking and Yoga until some snow melts. Long term goal-looking to lose ...
by HotDonnaMae on 06 Mar 10 08:54 AM
Hi, I'm new to this "Just Do It!" group.
I love the group name. I'm doing well so far and have lost 14 lbs. since January 1. :)
by LBLevenson on 18 Jan 10 09:07 PM

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Christmas 2008 100 lbs lighter
by Big Orr
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Christmas 2008 100 lbs lighter
by Big Orr
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Me about 6 days before my mom passed
by strawberry1972

by Big Orr
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