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focus on losing weight.
i dont know how i can think to lose weight all the time. i want to lose weight really. i am 110 and i want to go under 100 firstly. i dont do exercise or sth. i dont go to gym. and i eat so much in the ...
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started by Loser26.   
Here is what I do. If I exercise, I obsess. Once I start I feel like I have to exercise all day long. It's never enough. And when I eat, I eat all day. I can't stop!!! Crazy as it sounds this is ...
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started by ccclark1972.   
I went up-waaaaaay up in my weight! Is it normal people to jump 2.6 pounds overnight??? Why is that? I know that when this happens, it sometimes means that it is my body's way of adjusting to a ...
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started by strawberry1972.   
i dont wanna go gym!
i always find that im forcing myself to go to the gym! i put it off for hours and find that if i leave it to late i don't go at all.:( But i do find that once ive got up off my big fat arse an make ...
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started by buttons.   
Atkins Induction Phase....Cool!
I have been steadily losing the weight I wanted to and now have broke through that darn plateau I was on for a few months! I am at my all-time low of 165.6 pounds and going strong:) I am on day three ...
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started by strawberry1972, 12 years ago.   
All-time low....
Well, it isn't my lowest on the scale, but within the last month, I have finally hit 172 even. This is an all-time low for me in a while. I guess the stress of the last few weeks have helped the ...
4 replies, last reply by jenjoe928, 12 years ago.   229 views.
started by strawberry1972.   
Novel Idea!
I was sifting through my buddies here on fatSecret when I realized I had an invite from one of my buddies to join her low-carb group. I read through some of the posts on the group site and that's ...
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started by strawberry1972, 12 years ago.   

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