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inconsistency WEAKNESS
My problem is straight laziness. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and months pass by. This is new for me for I used to be soo active. :!:
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started by jsreddblaze, 6 years ago.   
Having a hard time " just doing it "
Im in my 50's and dont have a problem eating well. My problem is that I have previously been a very active person (walking for an hour every day for most of my life and have had a personal trainer ...
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started by nance101, 7 years ago.   
Newbie @ Jogging and need some help :/
Hey everyone! I've always wanted to jogg and not have my feet KILL (flat footed) and run out of breath and have my shoulder hurt because for some odd reason my shoulder always hurts, and then start ...
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started by palmtreex, 10 years ago.   
I just started 3/5 but have been starting a healthy diet since the beginning of the year. I live in Wyoming and so I do a lot of walking and Yoga until some snow melts. Long term goal-looking to lose ...
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started by HotDonnaMae, 10 years ago.   
Hi, I'm new to this "Just Do It!" group.
I love the group name. I'm doing well so far and have lost 14 lbs. since January 1. :)
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started by LBLevenson, 10 years ago.   
New to group, need support bad
I am disgusted with myself. I have been eating since Halloween. And mostly sugar. It's like I gave myself permission to eat through the holidays. I put on more than 10 pounds in this short amount ...
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started by queeniekristi, 10 years ago.   
healthy no calorie snacks?
hey does anyone know of any Healthy low calorie snacks, that are easy on the go etc? thanks xoxo
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started by DanielleRose, 10 years ago.   
Any joggers out there? Can you give a newbie to jogging some tips on how to get started (pls not the couch potato 5k run)? Thanks all advice is welcome!!!
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started by slimgirl09.   
The Ups and Downs of weight loss
Why is it, just when you think that you are kicking butt in the weight loss department, you GAIN weight!? It is almost as though God is sitting there going, "Wait! I know you are totally pumped ...
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started by strawberry1972.   
How are you all doing?
I hope everyone is getting back on track after the holidays :)
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started by iced_tea.   
A new beginnig
Hey everyone! As of today, I am only 14 pounds away from my goal weight of 138 pounds. This is an amazing thing for me since I have struggled through my journey for about 19 months now to get where ...
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started by strawberry1972, 12 years ago.   
A passing of a loved one
Hello fellow members. It is with sadness in my heart that I announce the passing of my mother Linda (Bunny) Ferguson on September 19th, 2008. She passed in the middle of the night very suddenly which ...
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started by strawberry1972.   
Does anyone else in this group enjoy running??? Well, for the first time this year, I decided the other day to get out and take a "walk" outdoors. Since my surgery, I have always been a little ...
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started by strawberry1972.   
Good Low-Cal Recipes
I thought we might share recipes we have found on this site that are good & low cal. This will help in addition to the exercise. I just had a delicious filling dinner that was under 200 calories, ...
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started by BDDB, 12 years ago.   
I just joined and I need youse guys to beat me (verbally) into submission. I have a whole closet of beautiful clothes that don't fit and I want to wear them again, even if they are out of date!:lol: ...
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started by BDDB.   

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