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Intermittent fasting is a fairly new concept that is starting to make waves in the fitness community. This group is designed to share ideas, tips, stories or observations on the concept of taking a short break from eating on a periodic basis.


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I’m looking for a good reference
I would check in Youtube
by dellNick on 13 Sep 18 10:05 PM
Hello/An Introduction
Hi, I just discovered intermittent fasting two weeks ago. I love it. I'm on the 19/5 plan right now. I've lost 10 pds, and find that this has enabled me to resist frapps in the morning and ...
by lalaith12 on 27 Jul 18 04:09 PM
Just starting Intermittent Fasting - my first diet!
Congratulations on finding Intermittent Fasting! I would advise caution with the 5:2 plan, many people find it too hard to stick with due to the consecutive low calorie days. The 16/8 plan (16 hours f ...
by KimmyGR on 09 Jun 18 02:48 PM
Also new to the group
Dr. Fung is a great resource, as is Dr. Al Sears of Florida. I am just trying a new regimen with Berberine and Black Curmin. Have not done if for long, but it is looking good. I picked them up at a ...
by Puranen on 18 Feb 18 02:37 PM
Question ?? Is it really cheating ??
Good afternoon. I have been doing IF for a while now and really love it! I have lost a total of almost 80 lbs w/low carb and IF plus tons of water and walking. Well, i had a couple slip ups this w ...
by jovigirl47 on 16 Oct 17 02:25 PM

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