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Needing to lose 50
Hi I am new to this group and my weight loss journey has been a disaster. I really need some new tips because my old way of doing things are no longer working, I just don't have the control and the ...
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started by mbrown1804, 6 years ago.   
New soon to be improved
Hello!? I just joined FS last week and have been figuring out all of the great tools! I like the support I have seen on these posts. I joined because I've been doing too much talking about getting ...
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started by Auerphatty.   
Good morning all! I'm new to the group & relatively new to FS. My current wt lose endevour is due to a challenge with a friend. We made a bet on SuperBowl Sunday 2/5/2012. We haven't seen ...
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started by Buckeye Baby, 7 years ago.   
New to the Group
Hello, I am new to fatsecret the reason I join is because my cousin is getting married and ask me to be a bridesmaid. I'm very excited but I really need to lose this baby fat, but the funny thing ...
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started by 33chardeway, 7 years ago.   
Hi there I am new to Fat Secret and I just could not resist joining this group as I so badly want my sexy back! I have a whole cupboard full of clothes waiting for me!! Please feel free to add me as ...
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started by Heidi_M.   
What is your relationship with food???
Ever since ive decided enough is enough and changed my relationship with food i feel so good, i mainly ate alot because the people around me ate alot. I have a skinny friend who eats mcdonald, kfc and ...
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started by thuli.   
Does anyone use photos for motivation?
I want my sexy back for the summer! Does anyone here use photos for inspiration?
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started by aprilzil.   
2nd thing to tackle in my life.
Well, if I can quit smoking cold turkey, I can do this...right? Food is an addiction. It would be easier if I didn't need to eat everyday. Now I start school today, so lets see if bringing back co ...
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started by MystickDawn.   
Hello to the Group!
Hello, I am new to and I saw this group and love the title. I am looking forward to sharing my story online, it will help keep me honest to my self.
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started by litetravler, 8 years ago.   

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