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Middle GA. Need exercise buddy
I am just getting too frustrated with my weight and honestly am not very self-motivated. Would be great to have exercise buddy
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started by Deenarae44, 3 years ago.   
Cardio v. strength training
Is it effective to do mostly cardio? I mean, I bike like 2-3 times A DAY, but only do moderate calisthenics like 2 times a week. I hate lifting and stuff. I'm willing to do more, but is it NECESSARY?
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started by XshapeshiftX.   
How You Can Achieve Best Results With Green Coffee Bean Extract
Even though it is not easy to predict a lot of things today, you can be assured that diet fads and fat loss gimmicks are here to stay. Actually, some of these fads have overstayed. You could call it a ...
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started by timijones34, 5 years ago.   
Seeking Exercise Partner
I am in Northwest Houston. Need an exercise partner.
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started by SisterWrights, 7 years ago.   
Need a buddy!
I don't have motivation to get fit. I am in the SW Sydney area and am looking for people willing to work together to get fit. Contact me if you are interested.
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started by Mellow Auslan, 7 years ago.   
30 Day Challenge
This is the third time I've tried to do this. Twice on my own. But now that I've joined a group of people that are willing to do it I'm feeling good about this time around.
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started by BeingWhelmed, 7 years ago.   
First running day :)
After almost a year without running, I did a 30 min jogging in my neighbourhood - and it was wonderful! I have missed running so much, and all of a sudden I hardly remember why I ever stopped... But I ...
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started by Tanya World.   
Need motivation to exercise
A home schooling, author mom and I need to be more active! Started fat secret today to lose 15 lbs by my next book signing! I did walk a little today, but it was too chilly still. Looking forward to ...
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started by Swright011699, 8 years ago.   
hand weights and different exercises
I am looking for suggestions for upper body exercises that don't require getting down on the floor and some hand weights exercises. I have COPD so have to go slow with my exercise but really need ...
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started by sharoncapps.   
Those rainy days...
Hey I'm new here got 3 kids I'm 26 and I am ready to regain my identity by losing the extra weight. I started walking to the park with the kids but its only a 13 minute walk and I barely find time ...
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started by BeautifullyRed, 8 years ago.   
Attempting to become a 'runner'
Hi all, I've been trying for about 6mths to become a runner - you know those amazing people that just naturally put on the trainers every day or so and go out and run for 30min to an hour? So last ...
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started by Lynn Powsie, 8 years ago.   
Calorie Counting
I'm having some problems with the calorie counting. I eat less than the amount that I'm allowed, and according to the count at the end of the day, I am burning at least 1000 more calories than ...
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started by melodie melanson.   
I lost 10 pounds by myself then hit a wall I met a lady who is also on a weight-loss journey of her own and she encouraged me to keep at it to date I've lost a total of 25 pounds 75 to go.. but I& ...
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started by chubbymommyof 3.   
:doubt: Does anyone follow an exercise regime which means they don't need to scrutinise what they are eating in order to lose weight? I'm thinking I may be dreaming by thinking this is possible! ...
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started by michelle2406.   
Exercise Balls?
Has anyone ever tried these as a low impact method of exercise? I bought mine about 8 months ago and it sat in the closet for that long. Even longer ago I bought a book about exercise balls (for dummies), ...
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started by labt924, 8 years ago.   

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