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Posted: 02 Sep 2008, 17:45
Greetings and welcome to all new members!!!

As I take a moment to adjust my Green Tea Recipe (recently posted in My Recipes), I started thinking of what being an atheist means to me.

First of all, I am both an atheist and a Buddhist. I say atheist because I don't believe in a God. Furthermore, people are often surprised when I tell them that Buddhists don't believe in God. What?

That's right, Buddhists don't believe in God, and neither did the Buddha.

The Buddha wasn't god either, as some people think.

Not only do Buddhists not believe in God, but Buddhist teachings can clearly show us why THERE CAN NOT BE or EVER HAVE BEEN a God!

Those are some pretty deep teachings, but they exist, and many Tibetan Buddhists spend a minimum of 12 years studying those teachings.

So a little over two months ago I found myself weighing in at 197.5 pounds. That is about twenty pounds more than I should be weighing.

And it wasn't that I suddenly woke up one morning and stared across the room into a mirror at a stranger—I knew exactly how I had gotten here...

For the most part, I'd been eating, making myself happy; food was one of the few pleasures I had left, and I had to admit that to myself. Now I am admitting it to you all...

For the past five years I have suffered from degenerative disk disease and for well over 25 years from hip dysplagia. To make the latter a little clearer, let me just say that my greater trochanters—the bones that fit into my hip bones, are a bit off, and that creates inflammation, and pain.

As far as degenerative disk disease, think of it as having been hit by a car in your lower back, circa L2,L3, and L4.

So I realized that in order for me to be healthier, I would have to diet. But I wanted relatively quick results, and so I started reading about the 40-day fast.

My fast was quite easy, but everyone is different, and I don't want anyone thinking it was easy, and if you do want to do it, please go and see your doctor. There are certain people with certain medical conditions who SHOULD NOT do a 40 day fast.

So here I am 50 days later, 37.5 pounds lighter, and 100% happier.

The real weight loss started before I put down the food, however. The most important factor was that I realized and admitted to myself that I had been feeding my inner child. Clarence (my real name) was very unhappy. He was in pain pretty much every day for the past year. He'd had to stop working. He had no lovers, and he barely left the house. Not only was he without friends because he was in a new country, but he was very poor. So when he could, he would cook, and eat.

I invite you to share your stories, and perhaps to be consoled by my experience, because if I could do it, then so can you.

I can't blame anyone for having been overweight: I was the one baking pie every other day. I was the one making brownies.

Just as I cannot blame God, I also can't give him any credit for helping me to lose weight—quite simply because I don't believe in God, and I wouldn't ask him for help.

For help I sought out the advice of a few bloggers, and I shared my desire to become healthier with people like you...