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Posted: 28 Aug 2012, 03:54
About a month ago I switched to Plain Greek Yogurt from the flavored ones because it contains less carbs. Never thought I would actually like it!!........and it's good for me!!

Rich, creamy and tart, Greek yogurt is a decadent dream for you if you often crave healthy snacks. This diva of dairy goods is gaining more and more popularity, as nutritionists and health experts around the world agree that snacking on Greek yogurt is an incredibly smart and gratifying choice.

For Heart Health

The trouble with snacking is that a lot of the things you probably like to eat are high in fat and cholesterol–two things that can cause trouble for your heart, if you eat the wrong kinds. Greek yogurt takes the guesswork out of the equation; you will not be wondering if the fat and cholesterol in your snack are okay to eat. A 6 oz. serving of Greek yogurt contains 0 g of saturated fat and cholesterol. This means you can eat as much yogurt as you want, without putting your heart in any danger.